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  Biseption Hall
Histology Lab
  Research Lab
Students Laboratory
Instrumentation Lab
Bio-Signal Processing Lab
Digital Integrated
Circuit Lab & Virtual
Instrumentation Lab
Elecronic Devices &
Circuits Lab
Medical Imaging Lab
  Blood Collection Room
Blood Storage Room
Casuality Ward
Lecture Hall
Ceremics Lab
Oral pathalogy Museum
  Cath Lab
  Cardiac Care Unit
Intensive Cardiac
Care Unit (ICCU)
  CT - ICU - Step I
  CT - ICU - Step II
  Operation Theater I
  Operation Theater II
  Bio Chemistry Lab II
  Dressing Room
  Lab Consultation Room
OP Consultation Room 1
OP Consultation Room 2
Rural Health center
Reception / Card Entry
Urban Health center
Rural Healthcare
Training Hall
Urban Healthcare
Animal House
  Freezer Box
  Mock Court
Postmortem Theater
Confocal Microscope Lab
   Instrumentatin Lab
Metabolic Ward Corridor
   NMR lab
Phytochemistry Lab
   Prepative PLC - UV / FT -
IR / LC - MS Lab
    Research Unit &
Clinical triel
  Research Lab
Students Practical Lab
  Dialysis Unit
Kidney Transfer Room
Acute Care Unit
Ward Room
Practical Lab
  Neonital Intensive
Care Unit
Pedeatic Intensive
Care Unit
Clinical Pharmacology Lab
   Research Lab
Audiology - I Bera /
Impedance Audiometry
   Audiology - II BOA
  Community Health
Nursing Lab
Department of
Physiotherapy - Clinic
    Electro Therapy Lab
Eng & Calorimetry
   Ent -- O.P
   Exercise Therapy Lab
Maternal & Child Health
Nursing Lab
   Medical Research
Centre / Central Research
Centre Lab - I
Medical Research
Centre / Central Research
Centre Lab - II
   Minor Surgical
Procedure Room
   Nursing Foundation Lab
Nutrition Lab
   Oral Pathology Lab /
Undergraduate Lab
Orthopaedic And
Neurology Unit
   Paediatric Unit
   Pharmaceutical Analysis
Department -
Instrumentation Room
Chemistry Lab
   Pharmacology Lab
Post Graduate
Research Lab
Conservative Lab
   Preclinical Prostho Lab
Psychiatry Unit
   Temporal Bone Lab
  Clinical Physiology Lab
Harmatology Lab
  CT Machine Lab
X-ray Lab
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