1. Conrods at APAC16

The Conrods had a phenomenal week at Asia pacific Automotive conference held at Chennai trade centre from6th to 8th in Chennai. The three day event was attended by international and national companies of automobile sector. Event also witnessed internationally well known personalities such as VenuSrinivasan, PawanGoenka and various CEO’s of various MNCs.

The Conrodsofficialy represented SRM University at APAC16. We were lucky to have many well known personalities visiting our stall and appreciating our vehicle. The interaction session with ex CEO of Volkswagen is an unforgettable moment. He spent around 20 to 30mins with members of Conrods and appreciated our effort and work.

In a similar fashion, Director of Continental technology centre also spent time with students. He was really impressed with our work and promised to support us in future.

Mr PawanGoenka, President of Mahindra and Mahindra also spent brief time with members of Conrods.

Inspiration and knowledge gained from interacting with bigwigs of industry is the highlight of APAC16.

2. BAJA RUN ( AARUSH 2011): adventure and fun

Some say it gives them adrenalin rush to drive ‘The dirt reaper’ – The Conrods official vehicle of 2011, while other say it is fun, we are talking about BAJA Run 2011 held in SRM university during 8th - 10th September 2011. A unique event was part of National level technical fest AARUSH-2011.

The Baja Run not just show cased the Conrods ‘Dirt reaper’ but also gave chance to 150+ students to experience the vehicle on a dirt track prepared by the team. With an incredible participation from students of various colleges and also scientists from DRDO, BAJA Run was a phenomenal success.

Touted as one of the 1st of its kind, this event provided pleasure to many and adventure to many others. According to the captain K.Subashbabu “Through event we wanted to give a chance to students to experience what we make, what it is drive an ATV”.

This event also proved that youth’s interest in adventure sports and ATVs are on rise. The trend will catch on in years to come and ATV market is set for some major change.


SRM University, In the month of August, SRM-BOSCH JOINT CERTIFICATION TRAINING CENTER was inaugurated in our Automobile Lab. Here we showcased our vehicle, in which we were so lucky to have many well known personalities, appreciating our work