The Baja sae India student challenge is a feted student competition that presents the undergraduate engineering students with a simulating task of designing, fabricating and validating an all terrain vehicle. The history of the event dates back to mid 70’s when it originated in USA and since then it is conducted annually at several locations across the globe, including USA, Mexico, Canada, South Africa, Brazil, and Korea, witnessing participation from prominent technical school around the world. The project inculcates and channelizes the exuberance of the youth by providing them a global platform to prove their worth, giving them a pragmatic exposure t the real world challenge as faced in the industry.

Making the students realize their talent trough such an experience fulfils the prime objective of bringing out the aptitude to serve the nation for years to come, in continuation with the vision Automotive Mission Plan (AMP 2016) a dream to make India an International Automotive hub. The BAJA SAE INDIA was successfully held in 2007, 2009 and 2010 at the NATRAX (National Test Track) facility of NATRIP (National Automotive Testing & R&D Infrastructure Project) situated at Pithampur in Madhya Pradesh which has shown an exponential growth. The BAJA SAE INDIA 2012 slated for Jan 27th -30th would raise the bar a step further by encouraging students to work on the theme of environment sustainability, generating ideas to drive the future. For further details, visit

The Conrods

The Conrods is a team of 25 dedicated and passionate engineering students from SRM University, Kattankulathur. It is the place of future leaders who have already marked their position in motorsports. Welcome to the team which always targets engineering excellence in association with the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), India chapter. The Conrods is a fast growing team which seeks your support to accelerate its pace to win.

The team Conrods is under the guidance of proactive faculty advisor Prof. LeenusJesu Martin, with the support of SRM University in the form of complete laboratory facilities and technical assistance. The primary objective of the team is to learn the skills required for designing and fabricating an All-Terrain Vehicle that meets the legislation, is safe, comfortable, inexpensive and aesthetically appealing.

The Conrods was established in the year 2008 and since then it has participated in four BAJA SAE events, three in India and one in South Africa. BAJA SAE events give an environment of healthy competition with chance to expand the knowledge base and technical skills, while having fun all along the way. Here, students are encouraged to use knowledge gained in the classroom in order to come up with creative and innovative designs. Hands on knowledge gained from this and other students give the students a competitive edge when entering into the industry. Also visit us at


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