The Conrods Off-Road Racing, SRM University’s official SAE BAJA team won the overall championship earlier this month competing with over 244 colleges all over the country. About 100 colleges were selected from the virtual design presentation round to build the car. Of which 78 cars were declared eligible to race on the final day.

The team of 24 students from branches as wide as Mechanical and Automobile to ECE and Mechatronics competed in the event and ended up as the overall champions after 9 months of hard work. The competition not only involves fabrication of the all terrain vehicle from scratch, but also taking it to Pithampur, Madhya Pradesh to test it in a range of events such as Acceleration, Manoeuvrability, Hill-Climb and a four hour Endurance race.

The car, officially called the ‘Dirt Reaper 2.0’, powered by a 304cc Briggs & Stratton was completely fabricated by the students themselves. The stages involved include first designing the vehicle using modelling software’s, then analysing the design and finally fabricating and testing the design.

The Team is owned by Dr.M. Leenus Jesu Martin, Professor and Head, Department of Automobile Engineering.

The Team’s faculty advisor is by Prof.P.Baskara Sethupathi, Assistant Professor, Department of Automobile Engineering.

The Team was led by K. Subhash Babu, 4th Yr. Automobile and consisted of 13 final years, 7 third years and 4 second year students

Here a is a picture from our design report for SAE BAJA 2012.

SAE BAJA India - 2011


1. The overall Champion of the Mahindra BAJA SAEINDIA 2012.
2. Second place in ‘Safe Vehicle Award’ of the BAJA SAEINDIA 2012.
3. Second place in ‘Manoeuvrability Award’ of the BAJA SAEINDIA 2012.
4. First Place in’ Go Green Award’ of the BAJA SAEINDIA 2011.

Team Details: 2012

1Dr.M.LEENUS JESU MARTINHOD /Automobile Engineering
2Prof. P.BASKARA SETHUPATHIAsst.Professor /Automobile Engineering
3K.SUBHASH BABU4th Yr Automobile Engineering
4A.WELSOON WILSON4th Yr Mechanical Engineering
5KARN JAIN4th Yr Automobile Engineering
6DEBASIS KAR4th Yr Mechanical Engineering
7VARUN RAJ T.N4th Yr Mechanical Engineering
8NEERAJ VERMA4th Yr Automobile Engineering
9S.SATISH KUMAR4th Yr Automobile Engineering
10ARVIND VISHWANATHAN4th Yr Automobile Engineering
11ARPIT THAKUR4th Yr EE Engineering
12NIHANTH Reddy4th Yr EC Engineering
13MOHNEESH PANDEY4th Yr Automobile Engineering
14PRASHANT KUMAR 4th Yr Automobile Engineering
15VISHWARATH REDDY4th Yr Auotmobile Engineering
16AVICHAL BAJPAI3th Yr Automobile Engineering
17 PRASHANT DOSHI3rd Yr Mechatronics Engineering
18NITIN LAL3rd Yr mechanical Engineering
19DHAVAL A. MEHTA3rd Yr Automobile Engineering
20AKSHAY CHOPRA3rd Yr mechanical Engineering
21A.V. SAI PAVAN3rd Yr Automobile Engineering
22DEEPAK .V3rd Yr mechanical Engineering
23NAMANDEEP SINGH OBEROI2nd Yr Automobile Engineering
24HUMAIS REYAZ SULTANPURI2nd Yr Automobile Engineering
25VISHAL BAID2nd Yr Automobile Engineering
26PROMIT CHOUDHURY2nd Yr mechanical Engineering

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SRM University, In the month of August, SRM-BOSCH JOINT CERTIFICATION TRAINING CENTER was inaugurated in our Automobile Lab. Here we showcased our vehicle, in which we were so lucky to have many well known personalities, appreciating our work