Founder Chancellor greets SRMIST professors on the occasion of Teachers’ Day

Teacher's Day celebration was held at SRMIST in a grand manner. Chancellor Founder of SRM Group of Institutions, Dr. T. R. Paarivendhar addressed the gathering and wished them on this occasion. Registrar of SRMIST welcomed the gathering.

Vice Chancellor Dr. C. Muthamizhchelvan felicitated the gathering and stressed the role of educators. He appreciated the teachers in adapting and innovating to the challenges during the COVID.

He emphasized that both teachers and students should always keep re-discovering knowledge. "For this teachers have to learn always. Today's challenge is different, we need to prepare students for life and not exams."

Speaking at the event, Dr. T. R. Paarivendhar said, "A good teacher should be a role model and be responsible for changing/ molding the life of the student. The change we make in their life would speak of you even after they leave the Institution."

He added, "Getting a good teacher is a blessing and I am blessed to have good teaching faculty. There is a duty for teaching staff and there is a duty for the management. Anything without commitment or accountability is nothing. Unless one has ownership, it is not possible for one to discharge duty with confidence and passion. Keep updating yourself. Get to know the needs of the students. For this teachers should learn more and update themselves regularly. 

Pro Chancellor (Academics) Dr. P. Sathyanarayanan said, "Education and the teaching profession will never leave anyone who has a love for it. All professionals in the world were once students who were shaped by teachers, so teachers contribution towards nation-building is much higher.

He also added that quality without quantity is not everything and quantity without quality is also not good. "Hence quality and quantity should be combined with each other in education institutes."

He also urged teachers to be the highest character. "It is doing what when no one is watching is called character. The effect of teaching and mentorship is far more reaching on its own. Some of the best minds in the country would be from the backbenches. So it is the duty of teachers to identify them and bring them to light. To do this, teachers should have enough knowledge, and be on a higher plane."




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