About Us - humanoid

SRM Team Humanoid was initially founded by a group of robotics enthusiasts who were inspired by the DARPA Robotics Challenge which aimed at developing semi-autonomous ground robots that could do complex tasks in dangerous, degraded, human-engineered environments. With no prior knowledge about this niche field, our team faced a lot of hardships initially but we remained steadfast and worked relentlessly. As our team progressed, more members joined, each offering their own unique skill set. Our first major breakthrough was when we won a Bronze Medal at Robogames’15 which motivated us to work even harder.  We worked on our designs, developed new algorithms and fabricated many new robots. We went on win accolades at various events such as IURL’15, Techniche’16 and ATMOS’16 and Robogames’17. We are currently focused to achieve even greater heights by competing in upcoming events such as IROS 2017 and RoboCup 2018