SRM Alumni at Defence Expo 2018

Taurus Robotic Technologies – A Venture into War Foot


Ever wondered how many army men we lose every day at the borders? There are, on an average, 4 soldiers, giving up their lives each day for the sake of the nation. The reasons include surgical strikes, terrorist attacks, and the increase in the number of border infiltrations. Undoubtedly, modern warfare is looking out for a whole new future with no human intervention so that there are no lives lost.

Having this in mind, Vignesh and Vibhakar Senthil, alumni of SRM Institute of Science and Technology (SRM IST), began Taurus Robotic Technologies with a vision of making it the largest independent supplier of robotic products. They are dedicated to serving customers in the defense, public safety, institutions, energy, and industrial markets, who are their main target customers, with their key product being Modular Unmanned Ground Combat Vehicles (M-UGCVs). M-UGCVs not alone provide weaponry supplies but are also capable of carrying medical supplies to assist and rescue soldiers at times of war and surgical strikes.

Two years from now, Taurus Robotic Technologies is looking to deploy 1,00,000 combat robots in the country’s defense. Guess what? The advisors of Taurus are senior Generals and Colonels in the Indian Army and Navy. In addition, Taurus Robotic Technologies is also validating its technology with defense-associated organizations like ADBI, DISA, CVRDE.

The TAURUS team built their dream in college and made their first technical validation by the Department of Mechatronics Engineering, SRM IST and incubated their ideas through SRM Innovation and Incubation Center. Evidently, not very far is the day when we will see unmanned combat vehicles defending the country and saving lives at the same time, and no doubt, Taurus Robotic Technologies will top the list of service providers for defending the country.