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SRM Alumnus at GNS Science, a crown research institute in New Zealand

Dr. Prasanth Gupta, an alumnus of SRM, is now actively involved in Material Science and Nanotechnology research at New Zealand, holding a patent and having published numerous other research papers.

As he says "I am one of the first graduates of the bachelor’s program in Nanotechnology at the SRM Institute of Science and Technology (B.Tech, 2009 – 2013). Now, I hold a PhD in physics and work as a research scientist in the field of material Science and nanotechnology at GNS Science, a crown research institute in New Zealand. In the past 3 years, I have published 9 research papers, hold a provisional patent and have co-written a government research proposal that was awarded 1 Million NZ dollars. My sincere thanks go to SRM for introducing me to this wonderful opportunity in New Zealand.

Nanotechnology has become indispensable in almost all areas of science and technology. It has gained significant interest in the past decade and is becoming increasingly relevant to daily lives of billions of people. SRMIST is one of the very few institutes in India providing a bachelor program in Nanotechnology. Their syllabus covers several fundamental concepts and key principles that underpin nanoscience and technology. Their program provides a multidisciplinary approach to learn and understand nanotechnology from the perspective of physics, engineering, biotechnology and so on. At the end of this program, students can understand and appreciate the unique benefits arising from application of nanotechnology in different sectors and can choose from these many sectors for further specialisation.
The biggest strength of studying at SRM is the many wonderful opportunities provided to the student to grow and explore one's career beyond the college campus. Semester Abroad Program (SAP) is an excellent example. A bachelor or a master student can avail SAP to spend one semester in a world-leading research institute or university. This is made possible by SRM's well established international network of Universities. I am one such beneficiary of this program. During my final year of bachelor’s program, I was given an opportunity to carry out a research project at GNS Science. This work directly led to my first research paper.
GNS Science is a leading research institute in New Zealand and during my SAP, I worked with their materials science division. My time abroad gave me invaluable research experience that is rarely available to a bachelor student. I spent day and night in the high-tech laboratories of GNS Science learning and understanding the practical application of many concepts learnt in our university classrooms. It was also a great opportunity for me to be part of a multi-faceted research team and to learn from them the working life of a scientist.
At the end of my SAP, I was given the opportunity to pursue a direct PhD with GNS Science. After my bachelors, I joined their doctorate program funded by MacDiarmid Institute of Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology and hosted jointly by Victoria University of Wellington and GNS Science. I successfully completed my PhD in 2017 and am now working as a research scientist at GNS Science. The learning and opportunities I gained as an SRM student from my professors have laid the foundation for my research career and has continuously guided me towards success. I strongly encourage the current and future students to actively learn and utilise these rare opportunities made possible by our university. I wish you all the very best as a SRM alumni".