SRM students develop app on mental help


Title: Here For You

Mentors: Prof. M. Thirunavukarasu, Head, Dept. of Psychiatry (Project Co-ordinator), Dr. D. Sai Balasubramanian, Associate Professor (Project Guide) Dr. Manik Inder Singh, Dept. of Psychiatry, SRM Hospital (Principal Investigator)

Student Members:

Sachit Misra (2nd year), Anisha Mohanty (3rd Year), Shantnu Agarwal, Himanshu Rattan, Vrishank Vajpayee (4th Year) [Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors Club SRM] Ashwin M (3rd Year), Utkarsh Minhas (4th Year), Arko Chatterjee (Alumnus) [Team Envision- AARUUSH]

The pandemic has taken a toll on mental health as a whole. In these dire times, your feelings and emotions may be confusing, which amounts to added stress and worry, keeping you from the goals you might want to accomplish. If you have been worried about your mental health or looked up certain symptoms only to find dead-end fatal answers, we have the solution to your mental health dilemmas. Here For You is a reliable, simple and quick solution to answer your worries and queries, made by students of SRM in liaison with some of India's best Mental Health Professionals to fulfil the main aim of helping the community and it's people to understand their mental health better and to remove the stigma there is around approaching a professional regarding mental health issues.

Here For You is developed with direct consultation from Professionals who have years of experience working with patients that deal with varying stages of mental health issues. We use globally renowned and standardized test algorithms to determine what is up with your Mental Health and if you should be worried about it or not.

You can get the app here!:

App Features:

  • Take up a simple quiz, your answers will be analyzed and help you know more about your Mental Health.
  • All your answers are 100% anonymous and your data is not compromised under any circumstances.
  • Verified and professionally curated articles
  • Access to an experienced team of psychiatrists
  • Standardized testing strategy and algorithms followed by Mental Health professionals all over the world.