SRM group on wheels to rescue people affected by Gaja Cyclone in delta regions


Dr. T.R. Paarivendhar, Founder Chancellor SRM group handed a sum of 1 crore to our Honorable Chief Minister as CM relief fund. All teaching faculty and staff of SRM have contributed their one day salary for the betterment of delta regions affected by Gaja cyclone.

Under the guidance of SRM’s honorable Chancellor Dr. T.R. Paarivendhar, a 40 member students team of SRM went to Delta regions to rescue people affected by the calamity, Gaja cyclone. In the span of 5 days, the fallen trees covering the roads and homes of people were cleared in Manjavayal, Ganapathipuram, Thondaiman Oorani, Rajapudhur, Adhiramapattinam and many other places in Pudhukottai district. They are now working for the wellness of schools affected by the mishap and planning to help for 10 more days in bringing back delta regions to normal. To speed up the recovery process SRM group has invested 60 lakhs for providing the basic needs for every affected individual.

A 30 member team of medical professionals representing SRM were also working since last week in around 7 regions and helped almost 3000 people satisfying their medical needs. In addition to this Puthiya Thalaimurai Foundation has set a base in Chennai where they collect relief materials to reach the needy. 30 lakhs worth of relief materials has been distributed so far and still continuing by them.

Press Release (Tamil)