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Advanced Post Graduate (PG) Diploma Life Science Technologies

SRM-DBT Platform for Advanced Life Science Technologies is a National Core Facility with many sophisticated instruments under the project entitled, "SRM-DBT Partnership Platform for Contemporary Research Services and Skill Development in Advanced Life Sciences Technologies". The purpose of the core facility is to facilitate intra, inter and co-disciplinary state of the art life science research and to promote skill development.

Advanced PG Diploma in Life Science Technologies is a one year course to be offered by the SRM-DBT Platform from July 2017. This course is aimed to produce highly skilled professionals to handle advanced laboratory equipments such as Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), Mass Spectrometer, Digital PCR, Microarray, Fluorescent Microscope etc.

The course is designed in consultation with peers from industry and academia to empower the students with techniques to be used in industries and advanced research laboratories. This course can help the students to secure employment in biotech industries and other advanced research facilities. Students would be provided with a monthly stipend of Rs 15,000/- during the entire duration of the course. Students would be selected based on their performance in written and oral examination


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