MSIT-ESE Plan of Study

The MSIT-ESE curriculum is comprised of core, elective, bridge and project courses in the areas of Electrical/Computer Engineering, Computer Science/Software Engineering, and Systems Engineering. Students must achieve a B or better grade in all core, bridge and Project courses and maintain a QPA of 3.0 or higher. Total units required for graduation is153.

At SRM Institute of Science and Technology (formerly known as SRM University), Chennai, India
Semester 1: Fall Semester - August to December

  • Required Bridge course. All students are required to register for either17-630 Computer Science for Practicing Engineers, or 17-643 Hardware for Software Engineers. Students will be advised by an academic advisor on the bridge course that best aligns with his or her academic needs.  (12 units)
  • SE – 2003 Software Project Management - 12 Units
  • Elective Course - 12 Units

Semester 2:  Spring Semester - January to May

At Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA
Semester 3: Summer Semester – June to August

Semester 4: Fall Semester – September to December

Any 2  of the following:

  • 17-678 Project II  – 12 Units
  • Optional:  Elective course (9 - 12 units) Note: Can be taken either in Summer or Fall Semester.

MSIT-ESE Independent Study
Course Description
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The MSIT Project is the capstone demonstration by the student of his or her capabilities as a software engineer.The purpose of the Project to demonstrate a command of the material learned in the core and electives courses by solving a substantial practical problem in a realistic setting. The focus is to understand a major aspect of the software development life cycle in detail.

While the Project is intended for individual students, it may be completed in very small teams of no more than three people. All members of the team must have completed all of the core courses before starting Project.

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