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Directorate of Student Affairs

Student Counselling

Life is hard and often, we need help. With stress of exams, social media, deadlines, career haunting us at every step, students feel lonely and disappointed in themselves. It is imperative that they seek help from elders, friends, or trained professionals. We, students, spend our life under constant pressure from the rat race.
When the stress from entering into a good college ends, the race to get a good job and career begins. Social media worsens this stress with people often posting picture perfect lives that we eat up without fact-checking. And when people tend to experience failure where others haven’t, the constant pressure pushes them down, crushing them. And to prevent this, it’s important that we know that there shall always be people who care for us and love us, and want the best for us. It is essential that we talk to these people, and also seek help from individuals who are non-judgemental and rational. SRM wishes the best for each and every one of its students and hence is offering counseling by trained professionals.
There are two types of counseling, online and offline. For online counseling, YourDOST offers  a platform for students, adults, basically all individuals to seek help anonymously from trained professionals, for all kinds of mental disturbances. With a round-the-clock service, YOURDOST is a platform that encourages you to call or talk at any time with their certified professionals about any and all problems that plague you. YOURDOST offers both video and audio calling sessions for a more comfortable and interactive experience.
For offline counseling, SCC – the student counseling centre offers a platform where teachers, students and parents can stay connected. A centre for seeking help for problems faced by students, the SCC offers a unique target oriented system that involves all individuals in a student’s life i.e, wardens, staff, parents. The main objective of the SCC is to offer a helping hand to all students, to overcome anxiety and stress due to exams, loneliness, dilemmas in making important decisions, and lack of self-assurance or lack of confidence while adapting to a new environment.
Through counseling we wish to give a chance, many chances in fact, for students to speak their mind about their problems, with no worries about repercussions. We wish to be a shoulder to help them through difficult situations in their life. The core team of the SCC is formed of senior faculty members from all schools and a trained and experienced student counselor is available in the campus for specifically for this purpose.
And the most important part of it all, all discussions with the SCC and YourDOST are kept strictly confidential.
We wish you seek the help you need, and we are able to provide any form of assistance through your trying times.