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Directorate of Student Affairs


Arts And Culture

SRM Institute of Science and Technology provides a multitude of extracurricular activities to enrich student lives beyond academics. They play an integral role in the collegiate experience. Living in a large community with people in the same age group lends itself to many social activities which range from large organized events to small parties.

Cultural Events

Streamlining the positive energy in a constructive manner, cultural events serve as a binding force for the students. A vast range of activities is offered to ensure that our students have plenty of scope for fun, entertainment and change 'outside the classroom'. Fests like Shuru, Tarana, Butterflies, Milan, Jhalak are part and parcel of our academic system. Such events can have benefits that not only help relieve academic tension; they can introduce you to great groups of people; provide experience in various social roles; and stack credentials at the same time.

Cultural events help the students to understand, accept, and value the diverse backgrounds of the society. As an organizer or a participant one will get to witness a gamut of challenges and benefits that such activities bring. They groom the event management skills; help them to understand the importance of teamwork and to exercise responsibility. About the events in SRM we have something for everyone.