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Khel '17

Khel '17 was held from the 4th to the 6th October, 2017. This keenly contested competition witnessed young students of all houses literally shed blood and sweat to conquer each title and make a mark. There were a variety of events to test their skills in different fields of sports.

The following are the details of each day:

Day 1, 4/10/17

This was the first day of Khel.  We could see confident faces and excited participants vibrating with energy and enthusiasm. We witnessed the first rounds of volleyball, badminton, cricket and basketball. In volleyball, there were 6 participants from each house and each team required 21 points to win the match. There were some amazing returns and hefty smashes which left people in awe. Each badminton game was concluded when a player bagged 15 points and the happenings of each point left people amazed.

Cricket matches, as everyone expected, were something to be remembered. Each house had 7 members in their team going against another house for an intense battle of 6 overs in each innings. The basketball event welcomed 5 members from every house with each half of one match having 10 minutes. 

Day 2, 5/10/17

This was an eventful day as we witnessed the second rounds of all the events which took place on Day 1 and had the first round of the Football event where each house had a team of 5 players and each half comprised of 6 minutes. Each trick got the crowd in a frenzy and this different version of the game turned out to be fabulous. 

With the finalists for all of these events being declared, the day ended with suspense and thrill.

 Day 3, 6/10/17

The last and final day of Khel'17 witnessed tense faces and nervous walks. Everyone knew that this was the day where they had to prove their might and give it all in. 

The Table Tennis event started and ended on day 3 and spectators could never take their eyes off from the matches, with each match ending with one player reaching 11 points. 

We witnessed the finals for all sub-events on this day and each event produced the best competition that we could have had. To mark the end of Khel'17 and another successful year, all conveners took part in a friendly football match.

All in all, Khel ‘17 let SRM University put one step ahead in the realm of sports and provided a platform for new talents to flourish.