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Directorate of Student Affairs


Held during the odd semester every year, Jhalak is an inter-house festival that celebrates culture, art, and a healthy competitive spirit. The festival includes competitions ranging from drawing to a fashion show. It gives the students a chance to showcase their talent and win laurels. The fest also encourages the development of house spirit among the students who can both represent their house and cheer for it. With so many talented students on campus, Jhalak remains a highly anticipated event of the odd semester.


The Directorate of Student Affairs organised Jhalak'17 - it's annual inter-house cultural competition, in which 8 houses of our college participated and competed in various events.

The event commenced with the lighting of the lamp by our Sports Director – Dr. K.  Vaithianathan, followed by his highly motivational and articulated speech.

Jhalak'17 presented an occasion full of opportunities to our students to display their hidden talent and focused on giving a chance to the new blooming participants in various creative/cultural fields.

Among the various activities lined up were the musical performance, drama, the solo as well as group dances, literary events which included the British Parliament debate, Poetry competition, Essay writing, etc.