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Directorate of Student Affairs

Gratitude day

The magnificent concluding ceremony that is held every year end to congratulate the efforts and toil done by students and staff in conducting the festivities throughout the year, is the Gratitude Day. Gratitude day also acts as a farewell send off to the final year students who have been part of making the cultural events a reality. The efforts put in by everyone is paid homage through dance, singing and other fun activities. The perfect mix of exciting cultural performances and the nostalgic share of experiences is something that shouldn't be missed in this event. This event is presided over by the Director, and intriguing chief guests gather to congratulate the works of the students and staff alike. Several awards are also handed out in such a way that it recognizes the dedication and involvement of the people involved in the events though the year. A definitely enthralling event to behold that marks the end of a successful year.