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Directorate of Student Affairs


Any institution or organization is governed by rules and regulations. These principles need to be upheld, followed and enforced. The Discipline Committee of the Directorate of Student Affairs, comprises of a multitude of motivated individuals, who are committed to this task. Led by 14 dedicated convenors, it is their responsibility to look after the conduct and decorum being maintained in the campus and at various other organized events.

The mission of this committee is to supervise the discipline and preserve the safe and stress-free environment of the campus.

Among the multiple roles executed by this enormous team, are supervising the campus environment, counseling students to adhere to the hostel in-time, maintenance of security of campus properties, ensuring the identification proof of students and staff, reporting and preventing unwanted incidents and rash driving.

The Discipline Committee takes the responsibility for making the students feel safe and secure and assure the smooth execution of college events.


Lucky Rao  M. Sc. Biotechnology Coordinator/PRO
T Hari Harasudhan LLB Coordinator/PRO
Jeramia Ronald B. Tech Chemical Engineering Convenor
V Amukthamalyada B. Tech CSE Convenor
Yuvasree S B. Pharma - Pharmacy Convenor
Niveditha Iyer B. Tech Genetic Convenor
Pallav Bahuguna B. Tech Biotechnology Convenor
Rahul Rajhans  B. Tech Mechanical Convenor
Arjun Suresh B. Tech Biomedical Convenor
Kuragayalabathi Teja B. Tech ECE Convenor
Mugesh N B B. Tech Chemical Engineering Convenor
Sri Raghul K R B. Tech Mechanical Convenor
Vijay Koshy Thomas BBA Convenor
Sagnik Khan MBBS Convenor