Silver Jubilee Alumni Celebration of SRM College of Physiotherapy


It was a day of togetherness and recollecting old memories as the Silver Jubilee alumni celebration of SRM College of Physiotherapy was held in association with Alumni Association of SRM College of Physiotherapy (AASRMPT).  ACCORD 2020, was held over a period of two days. The first day was filled with lectures and presentations, while, the second day was a more informal gathering of fun and games.  The reunion was not just for the alumni but for their families also. Many had brought in their children to be part of the get-together.

Welcoming the gathering Dean of SRM College of Physiotherapy, SRMIST, and Professor D. Malarvizhi said, “We are happy to welcome each and every one of you back home. This is a day to celebrate the spirit of graduation.”
President of SRMIST, Dr. P. Sathyanarayanan said, “It is a great pleasure to see so many participate in this reunion.”

Recalling the words of Founder-Chancellor of SRMIST, Dr. T. R. Paarivendhar, Dr. P. Sathyanarayanan said, “This is not just a get-together but a family reunion.”

He added, “There are about 1400 alumni members in physiotherapy and I think almost everyone has turned up amidst their busy schedule. This goes to show that you are renewing your friendship and feeling nostalgic about your Alma Mater. The friendship that you get here is of the purest form and this relationship will continue forever. You will never get an opportunity to get such relationships. It is important for you to connect with each other and interact in the days to come. You should also think about what you can offer to your Alma Mater in terms of introducing workshops, placement opportunities for those looking for career change within the same domain and so on. You are our visiting cards and ambassadors.”

SRMIST President also launched the Souvenir and Android Mobile Application on the occasion.

Vice-Chancellor of SRMIST Dr. Sandeep Sancheti said, “It is so nice to see different generations of people coming together with a resolution to take things forward. SRMIST is a force to reckon with as it enjoys high rankings at the national and international levels. With over 55,000 students we are one of the largest Universities in terms of numbers and diversity. SRMIST also has several schemes for alumni and I think you all should make use of it. You should also give back to the institution and this relationship should continue. Alumni is the biggest strength of the college. This base will keep growing and we can do wonders together. Take advantage of what we have to offer for the alumni and we will also be happy to help you.”

The Lifetime Achievement Award was given to Dr. VPR Sivakumar, who was the former dean of SRM College of Physiotherapy. He is now the Registrar of Gandhigram Rural University, Dindigul. He received a standing ovation from all his students. 

On receiving his award, Dr. Sivakumar said, “I am happy to see students from the first batch to the current batch participate in this reunion. This is a proud moment for me and SRMIST management. For the last 10 years, the outgoing batch has silently been donating equipment to the college. This is a way of students showing their support to their Alma Mater. Likewise, the management has also extended its support in the development of the department.
Registrar of SRMIST Dr. N. Sethuraman, Director of Alumni Prof. R. Venkataramani and Dean Medical Dr. A. Sundaram also spoke on the occasion. Vice-Principal of SRM College of Physiotherapy SRMIST, T.N. Suresh presented the vote of thanks.


Excellency in Academics: T. S. Veeragowthaman (2001), Dr. Sethilnathan (1996), Dr Subramani (2002), Dr. Balachandar (2002), Dr. Saravanan (2000), Dr. C. V. John Franklin (1999), Dr. Tushar Palikar (2002), Dr. Vijay Selvan (1994), Dr. G Gajalakshmi (2003).

Excellency in Research: Asir John Samuel (2004), Mariyam Farzana (2003).

Excellency in Clinical Practice: K V Dheeraj, Ruchika Bansal (1994), Aslam (2003), Anand Raj (2001), B Bharath Shankar (1994), Dr. T. Arumugam (1993).

Excellency in Community Service: Prakash Raman.

Excellency in Community Rehabilitation: N. R. Raja (2002), P. Kamalanathan (1999), D Vincent Jeyaraj (2005) (2011), K Vadivelan (1997).

Excellence in Sports and Fitness: P Satheesh Kumar, Kamlesh Jain (2003), Lavanya Dhanasekaran Lalitha (2002) (2011), S Vairava Sudharsan, S Babu (2008), Vijay Senthil (1994), S Manikandan (2001).

Excellency in Health and Fitness: Devashish Singh (2002), Prabhakaran (2004).


AA Baskaran

This is like a celebration. From the time I entered college till I graduated, I enjoyed every moment I spend on the campus.  Now it is all coming back and I am able to relate to it. This institution has been a big platform for many. I urge the present-day students to make use of the facilities here.


It has been 25 years since the entered this institution as a student. I was also the first student from North India to study here and I had a huge barrier with language. However, my classmates helped me. SRM has made my foundation very strong and I am lucky to have studied here.


I thank this institution for helping me make my career. My batchmates are now my friends for life. 


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