The Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Science and Humanities, SRM Institute of Science and Technology strives to shape outstanding computer professionals with values to reshape nation’s destiny. The training imparted aims to prepare young minds for the challenging opportunities in the IT industry with a global awareness rooted in the Indian soil, nourished and supported by experts in the field.

The Computer Science Dept at SRM offers a flexible curriculum designed to allow students to explore their own interests in increasing depth.  The department has a strong commitment to excellence in undergraduate and postgraduate education. The curriculum is intensive and hands-on, with an emphasis on theory that distinguishes our degree from most other colleges and institutes. One of the vibrant departments in Faculty of Science and Humanities, it has over 300 students and 14 dedicated staff members. Our faculty, students, staff and alumni are central to our success as one of the most thriving and sought after department in SRM.

Our close ties to industry, coupled with our commitment to research and education, ensures that students get a rigorous, relevant, and broad education. Our world class laboratory enables the students to be in close proximity to the latest and coolest of technologies. It also enlivens our curriculum, provides many research and summer job opportunities for our students, and makes this a very exciting place to study Computer Science.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)


Graduates will have skills and knowledge to excel in their professional career in Computer Applications and related disciplines



Graduates will contribute and communicate effectively within the team to grow into leaders


Graduates will practice lifelong learning for continuing professional development into leaders



Graduates will have the capability to continue their formal education and successfully complete an advanced degree



Graduates will contribute to the growth of the nation and society by applying acquired knowledge in technical, computing and managerial skills.