The Pharma industry has shown amazing sustainability and resilience, coupled with steady growth. This vertical has been  evoking keen  interest from graduates who are aspiring for a professional specialization. Courses in Pharmaceutical Management are offered to students of MBA as vertical specialization in the third and fourth semester.    It equips students to gain employment in  Pharmaceutical sector, with  attractive salary packages.  Six courses are being offered in third and fourth semesters, like Strategic Pharma Marketing, Productivity and Infrastructure Management, Legal aspects for Pharma Industry, Pharmaceutical Brand Management, Industrial and Service Marketing and Project Management.
The Pharmaceutical Management Department has a group of experienced faculty, many with long years of service in the Pharmaceuticalsector.  This long industry association of the faculty has gone a long way in the successful placement of students in multi-national pharmaceutical companies in important departments like Product Development, Distribution, and Sales and Marketing. Students are given an opportunity to visit pharmaceutical companies and interact with pharmaceutical industry experts. Students benefit immensely with real time industrial projects and internships as they add great value to their academic inputs.

Subjects Offered

  • MB 13PH01 - Strategic Pharma Marketing
  • MB 13PH02 - Productivity and Infrastructure Management
  • MB 13PH03 - Legal Aspects for Pharma Industry
  • MB 13PH04 - Pharmaceutical Brand Management
  • MB 13PH05 - Industrial and Service Marketing
  • MB 13PH06 - Project Management