Media and Communication

This course introduces writing, graphics, meetings, oral presentation, collaboration, and design as tools for media production. The communication instruction is embedded in design projects that require students to work in teams to conceive, design, prototype and evaluate related products. The communication instruction focuses on the communication tasks that are integral to this design process, ranging across design notebooks, email communications, informal oral presentations, meeting etiquette, literature searches, white papers reports, and formal presentations
The students are introduced to  the study of contemporary forms of mediated communication. The course surveys the main topics in the field and introduces students to a variety of analytical perspectives. Issues include the economics of media production; the impact of media on individual attitudes, values, and behaviours; the role of media professionals, and the impact of new media technologies.The Sivaji Ganesh Institute of Film Acting provides  hands-on support in experiential learning.

Subjects Offered

  • MB 13MC01 - Social Media
  • MB 13MC02 - Media Law, Ethics and Governance
  • MB 13MC03 - Media Management
  • MB 13MC04 - Media Applications and Technology
  • MB 13MC05 - Public relations and Corporate Communications
  • MB 13MC06 - Mass Communication, Advertising and Sales promotion