Student Development Activities

Mini Projects & End-Term Projects

At SRM, I year MBA students undertake mini projects in subjects like Production, Systems, Research, and Finance to get an understanding of the practical implications of the subjects.

The final year students are required to undertake industry projects after completing their end-term exams, for a period of 12 weeks. Students also go for Industry visits during the program and take up mini-projects spanning 2 weeks before starting their industry projects.


SRM Association of Management Students: SAMS is a body for encouraging student activities and helping the students to develop into budding professionals.

Corporate Clubs

  • To get insight in the interested functional areas of Management
  • To simulate the corporate environment in college
  • To make each and every club a knowledge-centric functionary
  • To prepare students for their future

The Clubs are:
Marketing, Finance, Systems, Human Resource and Entrepreneurs Club, Business Line Club and Economic Times Club.

Personality Development

Apart from imparting conceptual knowledge, we take a lot of care to develop various skills, for personal grooming of the students.