The full-time MBA students of the school are a unique blend of fresh graduates and people with industry experience. Students enthusiastically participate and regularly win accolades at B-School competitions held at national levels, held year-through. At the school level several clubs operate to kindle and nurture the managerial spirits of the students and bring out the best in them.

Students are encouraged to participate in a wide variety of programs to develop their managerial and public relation skills. Some of the events include: BEST MANAGER, BIZ VENTURE, STOCK WARS, BEST PRACTICES IN HR, ADZAP etc. Students have presented papers in various institutions and grabbed prizes. Some of the Papers include: 'Professional Ethics: Percept and Practice', 'International Business', 'Emerging Trends in Marketing', 'Emerging Trends in Capital Market - Port Folio Analysis'. Also to cultivate event-management skills of the students, the school plans yearly students meet called "Commune", where students from B-Schools across India participate in events and the best team is awarded a gleaming trophy.