Hospital and Health Care

Healthcare is one of the largest, fastest growing, and most challenging industries in the world. Global health care is entering its most challenging era, with increasing demand for services from consumers newly arrived in the middle class, under-served people, and rapidly aging populations. Simultaenouslyone has to deal with the need to manage advanced medical technology, transform core services to a digital platform, and the growing fiscal pressures created by the worldwide economic crisis. Unfortunately, the educational programs for future health care leaders fail to provide many of the needed skills. A recent study by  Harvard Business School, has shown that the teaching of health care administration needs to be more imbued with holistic, real-world issues and teaching approaches, with  more case-based teaching and efforts to help students focus on strategic insights and business models.

The MBA in Hospital and Healthcare Management program offered by the School of Management, SRM Institute of Science and Technology (formerly known as SRM University) does just that, by offering contemporary  courses such as Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Organization of Clinical Services And Healthcare Delivery System,Marketing Management of Hospital and Healthcare Services, Health Policy, Insurance and Tourism, Legal and Ethical Issues in Healthcare and Operations Management in Healthcare. The School of Management is adopting Application, Experience and Practice (AEP) pedagogy system through case study and application methodology based on current real world requirements with the help of SRM Medical College and Hospital located within the campus. This advantage facilitates quality delivery of courses and real time learning to the students.

Subjects Offered

  • MB 13HH01 - Epidemiology  And Bio-Statistics
  • MB 13HH02 - Organization of Clinical Services And Healthcare Delivery System
  • MB 13HH03 - Marketing Management of Hospital And Healthcare Services
  • MB 13HH04 - Health Policy, Insurance and Tourism
  • MB 13HH05 - Legal  and Ethical Issues In Healthcare
  • MB 13HH06 - Operations Management In Healthcare