Auto Industry

The history of the automobile industry, though brief compared to  many other industries, has exceptional interest because of its effect on 20th-century history. Through the invention of mass production techniques the situation altered sharply and many countries became major producers and exporters. Today, the automobile industry  providesexcellent employment opportunities.

This vertical provides students with the concepts, techniques and tools to design, analyse and engage in marketing practices in the Auto Industry. The course covers a broad range of application domains in the automotive manufacturing sector likeProduct Design, Production Control, Development, Supply Chain Design, Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, Quality Management and Marketing Practices in Auto Industry.

Subjects Offered

  • MB 13AI01 - Introduction to Auto Industry
  • MB 13AI02 - Product Design And Development
  • MB 13AI03 - Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing in Auto Industry
  • MB 13AI04 - Supply Chain Management Practices in Auto Industry
  • MB 13AI05 - Quality Management and Practices in Auto Industry
  • MB 13AI06 - Marketing Practices in Auto Industry