Agriculture Management

The field of Agribusiness, India's  largest and socially important sector of the economy, is facing several challenges brought about by factors like a constantly changing business environment,  globalization of markets, advances in technologies, changing policy environment, demographic patterns, and the emergence of modern supply chains and distribution markets. Though our agriculture contributes only 12 per cent of gross domestic product (GDP) ,over half the workforce and more than two-third of the population is  dependent on agriculture. A faster growth of the agriculture and food sector is essential for an inclusive and sustainable growth of the country.

The objective of this vertical is to transform young men and women into competent professional managers for the agriculture, food, agri-business, rural and allied sectors. The set of electives caters to the needs of enterprises serving in these sectors, both domestic and international, and will build sensitivity to domestic and international market needs besides covering the entire agricultural value chain.

The vertical specifically attempts to:

  • Equip the participants with the requiredknowledge, skills and attitudes for managerial decision making and implementation in the unique context of agribusiness
  • Encourage entrepreneurial capabilities in participants to make them effective change agents in agri-business
  • Develop participants’ capabilities to become leaders and nurture in them a commitment for integrity, ethics and social purpose

Subjects Offered

  • MB 13AM01- Agri Finance Management
  • MB 13AM02 - Agro Input Marketing
  • MB 13AM03 - Agricultural Project Management
  • MB 13AM04 - Cooperatives In Rural Ventures
  • MB 13AM05 - IT Systems For Agro Enterprises
  • MB 13AM06 - Sustainable Agriculture Management