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Car Projects


This Project, "Hybridization of Renewable Recharge System in Electric Vehicle" deals with charging the battery on electric vehicles. The energy obtained from the environment is converted into electrical energy to charge those batteries. Wind and Solar are abundant sources of energy available in this environment. But these sources of energy do have some drawbacks in power generation. They cannot generate power continuously because they are dependent on weather conditions. To tackle this problem, two sources were integrated into a single source to boost and charge the batteries used on this vehicle.


  • Eco friendly
  • Electric Motor for zero emissions
  • Inbuilt battery charging system using wind and solar energy
  • Ease of parking
  • Good mileage
  • Integrator charge controller system
  • Single seater
Project by Project Guide Project Co-coordinator
T. Balaji Prasad (M.Tech Final Year.) Mr.R.SRIDHAR, Lect EEE, M.Tech Dr S S Dash, Professor, EEE


This is an automatic transmission parallel hybrid car with two sources of power, i.e. the engine and the electric motor. The driver is given the option to choose between the sources of power. The vehicle can be either propelled by the electric motor or the engine, (but not both), at a time. The engine, which has a low cubic capacity, is mounted in the front, in the bonnet area of the car. Two alternators are used which are coupled to the engine through the belt drive ware used for charging the batteries.

The engine and motor are coupled to the gear box through a chain drive. The output of the gear box is coupled directly to the differential assembly through a propeller shaft for propelling the vehicle, thus making it a rear wheel drive car.


  • 2-seater car for the handicapped / daily use
  • HYBRID to make it eco friendly ( Engine & Motor)
  • Electric Motor for zero emissions
  • Inbuilt battery charging system
  • Low-powered engine for high efficiency
  • Automatic transmission for the differently-abled
  • Ease of parking
  • Good mileage
  • Switching over to parallel - hybrid configuration incase of emergency

Research Team

  • Deepesh Monga
  • Santosh Kumar Bharti (EEE)
  • Bibhuti Bibhu
  • Joydeep Chatterjee
  • Kripangshu Mitra
  • Rohit Menon
  • Vikram Singh
  • Kundan Kunal
  • Somaiya Changappa
Guide Technical Guide
(Assistant Professor, Department of Automobile Engineering)
Mr.T. Balaji Prasad
(M.Tech,Final Year, EEE Dept)


This vehicle was designed with three wheels, two wheels at the front and one wheel at the rear for better stability. Powered by a two stoke single cylinder engine, this vehicle can be driven with or without a driver. Wireless modules are used for controlling the vehicle and a wireless camera is used to transmit the audio and video signal for better control.


  • Remote controlled vehicle - can be used for military surveillance or by differently-abled people
  • Automatic transmission for better acceleration
  • Wireless camera mounted at front for remote vision
  • All-terrain vehicle
  • Innovative design with three wheels

Research Team

  • Santosh Kumar Bharti
  • Samir Kumar
  • Puja Kumari
Guide Technical Guide
Dr Subhransu Sekhar Dash, Professor, EEE Dept
P. Sivasankari, Lecturer,EEE Dept.
T. Balaji Prasad
M.Tech, Final Year, EEE Dept