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Dr. P. Malar


Research Associate Professor

Dr. P. Malar joined as an Assistant Professor in Research Institute and associated with the Department of Physics and Nanotechnology at SRM Institute of Science and Technology (formerly known as SRM University), since March 2013. She has her PhD in Physics from Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM), India, followed by two Post- doctoral fellowships from National University of Singapore, Singapore.During her postdoctoral research she has worked on the state-of-the art high resolution ion beam RBS studies of ultrathin oxide films, next generation proton beam lithography for nano structuring.

Research expertise:

  • Bulk and thin films of inorganic semiconducting compound materials for solar cell applications
  • Accelerator based Ion Beam Analysis (PIXE, RBS) of materials
  • Lithography techniques (Masked and Direct write tools)
  • Micro/nano replication tools (electroplating, hot embossing, nano imprinting)

Currently her research interests focus on renewable energy materials, thin films of compound semiconductors and oxides, Protective coating, micro pattering for inducing light trapping effects in solar absorbers.

Research grants:

Sl. No

Project Title




Amount (INR)


Ball mill synthesis and large area deposition route for quaternary Cu2ZnSn(S, Se)4 solar absorber




23.48 lakhs


Development of Electrode Materials for High Energy Density Lithium ion Batteries and Computational Studies of Solar Absorber layers


(Experimetnal Solar energy materials)



11.17 Cr.

  • Ball mill synthesis of ternary and quaternary compounds for energy applications
  • Quaternary and ternary photovoltaic solar absorber thin films
  • Utilization of microlithography - Template assisted growth for surface patterning of photovoltaic thin films
  • Ion beam analysis of inorganic bulk/thin films/interfaces
  • Transparent conducting oxides
  • Protective coatings

Research Facilities

  • E- beam&Thermal Evaporator

  • Dual magnetron RF & DC sputter machine

  • Class 10000 clean room facility (with Spin Coater, ductless fume hood, hot air oven)

  • UV flood exposure setup for masked optical lithography

  • Leica optical microscope


Group leader-Dr. P. Malar

Ph.D students (Completed)

  • Dr. Kunal J Tiwari 


            Current Position:Postdoc at Institute for Energy Research (IREC), Spain Study of ternary and quaternary thin films deposited by e-beam evaporation 

  • Dr. S. Sivasangari 


            Current PositionR&D Engineer at IMEC, Bangalore

  • Dr. D. S. Prem Kumar 


            Current Position: Research Associate, Defence Laboratory, Jodhpur, Rajasthan

Ph.D students (On going)

  • Alok Kumar Jain (

  • Deepak Goyal (

  • A. Rohini (Email:

  • M. G. Srinivasan (Email:

  • X. Thatheyus Peter (Email:

Recent Publications (Since joining SRM, 2013)

    1. Jagadish, R.Malar, P.Erratum to “Surface texturing of Cu2ZnSnSe4 thin films for enhanced optical absorbance” [Sol. Energy 201 (2020) 387–397] (Solar Energy (2020) 201 (387–397), (S0038092X2030253X), (10.1016/j.solener.2020.03.022)), Solar Energy2020
    2. Goyal, D., Goyal, C.P., Ikeda, H., Gopalakrishnan, C., Malar, P. Study of CuSbSe2 thin films grown by pulsed laser deposition from bulk source material Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing 2021. 
    3. Kunal J Tiwari, Markus Neuschitzer, Moises Espíndola-Rodriguez, Yudania Sánchez, Zacharie Jehl, Pedro Vidal-Fuentes, Edgardo Saucedo and  Piraviperumal Malar, Efficient Sb2Se3/CdS planar heterojunction solar cells in substrate configuration with (hk0) oriented Sb2Se3 thin films, Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 215 (2020) 110603.
    4. D Goyal and P Malar, Dry mill route for synthesis of single phase bulk and e-beam growth of thin films of Cu2ZnSnSe4 for photovoltaic applications, Journal of  Alloys and Compounds, 846 (2020)156464
    5. R Jagadish, P Malar, Surface texturing of Cu2ZnSnSe4 thin films for enhanced optical absorbance, Solar Energy 201 (2020) 387-397.
    6. D Goyal, CP Goyal, H Ikeda, P. Malar, Role of growth temperature in photovoltaic absorber CuSbSe2 deposition through e-beam evaporation, Materials  Science in Semiconductor Processing, 108 (2020) 104874.
    7. Alok Kumar Jain, Abubakar Abdullahi Sifawa, Saumitra Kamalakar Vajandar, Min-Qin Ren,Thomas Osipowicz and P. Malar, Dry and Wet Ball Mill Syntheses of Sb2Se3 from its Constituent Elements, Journal of Electronic Materials, 48 (2019) 7738-7746 ).
    8. I Gupta, KJ Tiwari, P Malar, BC Mohanty, Evaluating the role of precursor concentration in  facile conformal coating of sub-micrometer thick Cu2ZnSnS4 film using non-toxic ethanol based solutions. Applied Surface Science, 494 (2019) 795-804.
    9. Sahil Tippireddy, DS Prem Kumar, Anirudha Karati, Anbalagan Ramakrishnan, Shreya Sarkar,Sebastian C Peter,P Malar, Kuei-Hsien Chen, BS Murty, Ramesh Chandra Mallik, Effect of Sn Substitution on the Thermoelectric Properties of Synthetic Tetrahedrite, ACS applied materials & interfaces 11 (24) (2019) 21686-21696.
    10. D. S, Prem Kumar; Tippireddy, Sahil; RAMAKRISHNAN, ANBALAGAN; Chen, Kuei-Hsien; Malar, P; Mallik, Ramesh Chandra, Thermoelectric and electronic  properties of chromium substituted tetrahedrite, Semiconductor Science and Technology 34 (3) (2018) 035017.
    11. D.S. Prem Kumar, Minqin Ren, Thomas Osipowicz, Ramesh Chandra Mallik, P. Malar, Tetrahedrite (Cu12Sb4S13) thin films for photovoltaic and thermoelectric  applications, Solar energy, 174 (2018) 422-430 .
    12. Tiwari K. J, Ren, M,-Q, Kamalkar Vajandar, S, Osipowicz, T, Subrahmanyam A, Malar P, Mechanochemical bulk synthesis and e-beam growth of  thin films of  Sb2Se3 photovoltaic absorber, Solar Energy, Volume 160, 15 January 2018, Pages 56-63 .
    13. Ranjit Laha, P. Malar, Thomas Osipowicz and S. Kasiviswanathan, “Tailoring plasmonic properties of metal nanoparticles embedded dielectric thin films:The sandwich method of preparation”, 418, pp. 388-392, 2017, Journal of Nanoparticle Research.
    14. Kunal J.Tiwari,, Raju Chetty, Ramesh Chandra Mallik, and P. Malar. "Solid state synthesis and e-beam evaporation growth of Cu 2 ZnSnSe 4 for solar energy absorber applications." Solar Energy 153 (2017): 173-180.
    15. SathiamoorthySivasangari, Kunal J Tiwari, G R Devi, M. S. RamachandraRao, Piraviperumal Malar*, Photoresist template fabrication and template assisted growth for surface patterning of Cu2ZnSnSe4 solar absorber thin films, , Materials and Design, 127, pp. 126-133, 2017 .
    16. Kunal. J. Tiwari, Vijay Vinod and P. Malar " Growth and Characterization of Chalcostibite CuSbSe2Thin Films for Photovoltaic Application ", Applied Surface Science  418, pp. 216-224 (2017).
    17. Ananthan, M. R., P. Malar, Thomas Osipowicz, and S. Kasiviswanathan. "Studies on interface between In2O3 and CuInTe2 thin films." Applied Surface  Science 418, pp. 388-392 (2017).
    18. Ananthan, M. R., P. Malar, Thomas Osipowicz, ShikhaVarma, and S. Kasiviswanathan. "Growth and characterization of Au nanoparticles embedded In2O3 composite films." Thin Solid Films 622 (2017) 78-83.
    19. Prem Kumar D.S, RajuChetty,  PeterRogl, GerdaRogl, “Ernst Bauer, P.Malar and Ramesh Chandra Mallik, Thermoelectric properties of Cd doped   tetrahedrite: Cu12-xCdxSb4S13”, Intermettalics,  Volume 78, 1 November 2016, Pages 21-29 .
    20. Prem Kumar D.S, R. Chetty, O.E. Femi, K. Chattopadhyay, P. Malar and R. C. Mallik “Thermoelectric Properties of Bi Doped Tetrahedrite”, J. Electron. Mater, 2016, 10.1007/s11664-016-4826-5.
    21. Kunal J Tiwari, Premkumar D. S, Ramesh Chandra Mallik, P. Malar “Ball mill synthesis of bulk quaternary Cu2ZnSnSe4 and Thermoelectric Studies”, Journal of Electronic Materials, 46 (1), pp. 30-39, 2017.
    22. J.A. van Kan, P. Malar and Y.H. Wang, Resist materials for proton beam writing: a review, Applied surface science, 310 (2014)            100–111.
    23. Wang Y. H, Malar P, Van Kan J. A, Resist evaluation for proton beam writing, Ni mold fabrication and nano-replication, Microsystem Technologies, 20 (2014) 2079-2088 .


Patents filed:

1. “ A solar radiation absorbing layer for thin-film solar cells with enhanced absorption and a method to manufacture the same”, Appl. No: 6642/CHE/2015, dt 11/12/2015, P. Malar, S. Sivasangari and Kunal J. Tiwari (Status:  Published, Examination request done)

2. “A single step process for the preparation of Cu2ZnSnSe4”, Appl. No: 6830/CHE/2015 dt.22/12/2015, P. Malar and Kunal J. Tiwari. (Status: Published,  Examination request done)

3. The synthesis of bulk Sb2Se3nanoparticles by wet ball milling, Appl. No: TEMP/E-1/4665/2018-CHE, dt 5 Feb 2018,  P. Malar, Alok Kumar Jain (Status: Filed)

4. Textured glass substrate preparation using optical lithography processes for the growth of textured Sb2Se3 thin films to improve optical absorbance, Appl. No: TEMP/E-1/8342/2018-CHE, dt 3 March 2018, P. Malar, S. Sivasangari and Kunal J. Tiwari (Status: Filed)

5. Process for the synthesis of single phase Cu2ZnSnSe4 compound, Appl. No: TEMP/E 1/7784/2019-CHE, dt 25 Feb 2009, P. Malar, Deepak Goyal (Status: Filed complete specification)

6. A solar radiation absorbing layer for thin-film solar cells and a process for manufacture thereof, Appl. No: TEMP/E-1/11406/2019-CHE, dt 20 March 2019, R. Jagadish, S. Sivasangari. P. Malar (Status: Filed complete specification)


Book chapter:      

  • P. Malar,  book Chapter  titled “Ternary and Quaternary Semiconducting Compounds Thin Film Solar Cells” in “Thin Film Structures in Energy Applications” edited by  Suresh Babu Krishna Moorthy, Springer International Publishing Switzerland, 2015, p. 85-96  (DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-14774-1)
  • NT/0433  Thin film technology
  • NT0012   Nanotechnology for Energy System
  • NT0005   Lithography and fabrication
  • NT1111    Photovoltaic technology
  • NT2105   Metallopolymer Nanocomposite


Postdoctoral positions

  • None at this time


  • None at this time

M.Sc/M. Tech and B. Tech students

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Dr. P. Malar
Research Associate Professor (Research)
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