Dr. K. Kamala Bharathi

M.Sc., Ph.D

Assistant Professor (Research)

Dr. K. Kamala Bharathi received his master’s (M.Sc.) from The American College, Madurai in India and Ph.D from IIT Madras, Chennai at Prof. G. Markandeyulu’s group in India in 2010. He worked as a visiting assistant professor at UTEP, Texas, USA at Prof. C.V. Ramana’s group from 2010 March to 2011 May and as a postdoc at Prof. Do Kyung Kim’s group at KAIST, South Korea from June 2012 to Feb 2014. He worked as postdoctoral fellow at Dr. Leonid A. Bendersky group at NIST, Gaithersburg, USA from March 2014 to March 2016. Dr. K. Kamala Bharathi has published more than 43 papers in different international journals from his research work. In addition to that, he is serving as a reviewer in 21 different international peer reviewed journals including APL, JAP, etc. and member in various science and materials societies like ECS, MRS, IEEE/MMM and Korean Physical Society. He is a member of Book review committee of MRS Bulletin and has reviewed more than five books.   Dr. K. Kamala Bharathi has very good citation record (citation - 1101; h-index – 19 and i-10 index – 30 till Aug 2018).

Achievements and Awards 

Managing Guest Editor for ICONN 2017 

Applied Surface Science

Editorial Board Member for the Journals:

Journal of Functional Materials and Biomolecules (JFMB)

Academic Journal of Nanotechnology

International Journal For Indian Innovative Research Engineering Streams of Technological Sciences


      Outstanding Reviewer Award, Materials Chemistry and Physics, 2016

      Recognized Reviewer award, Materials Research Bulletin, 2016

      Recognized Reviewer award, Physica B: Physics of Condensed matter, 2016

      Recognized Reviewer award, Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 2016

  • Outstanding Reviewer award for 2015 from Materials Science and Engineering B
  • Outstanding Reviewer award for 2013 from Materials Research Bullitine
  • Reviewer award for 2014 from Physica B: Physics of Condensed Mater
  • Reviewer award for 2014 from Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids
  • Reviewer award for 2014 fromJournal of Fluorine Chemistry
  • Reviewer award for 2015 fromJournal of Alloys and Compounds
  • Reviewer award for 2015 fromMaterials Chemistry and Physics
  • Reviewer award for 2015 fromSensors and Actuators A: Physical
  • GATE fellowship to pursue PhD program at IIT Madras.
  • INSA, CSIR and DAE travel grant to attend the Intermag conference, USA in 2009.
  • Visiting Assistant Professor by University of Texas at El Paso, USA.
  • Postdoctoral fellowship BK21 by KAIST, South Korea.

Reviewer for the Journals (27 Journals):

1.      Applied Physics Letters; 2. Journal of Applied Physics; 3. Catalysis Letters; 4. Solid State Sciences; 5. Material Science and Engineering B; 6. Materials Research Bulletin; 7. IEEE Transaction on Magnetics; 8. MRS Bulletin; 9. Materials Chemistry and Physics; 10. Ionics; 11. Journal of Asian Ceramic Societies; 12. Journal of Nanomaterials; 13. Indian Journal of Engineering & Materials Sciences; 14. Physica B: Condensed Matter; 15. Multidiscipline Modeling in Materials and Structures; 16. Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids; 17. Sensors & Actuators: A. Physical; 18. Journal of Fluorine Chemistry; 19. Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials; 20. Journal of Alloys and Compounds. 21. Applied Surface Science. 22. AIP Advances. 23. Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy 24. Electrochimica Acta 25. Journal of Physics D: Condensed Matter. 26. DST-SERB Reviewer for the ECRA and EMR Proposals 27. Jouranl of Materials Chemistry C

Books Reviewed

  • Superconductivity - Basics and Applications to Magnets by R.G. Sharma
  • Conductors, Semiconductors, Superconductors An Introduction to Solid State Physics by Rudolf P. Huebener
  • Electrical electronic and magnetic properties of solids by D.B. Sirdeshmukh, L. Sirdeshmukh, K.G. Subhadra, and C.S. Sunandana
  • Nanoparticles by RazJelinek


Research Interest:

Energy Materials:

  • All Solid Thin Film Batteries
  • Cathode, electrolyte and anode nanomaterials for Na and Li ion batteries

Magnetoelectric materials:

  • Magnetoelectric single phase and composite materials
  • Magnetoelectric epitaxial thin films
  • Ferrites

His research interest includes Li thin film battery materials, Na and Li ion battery nanomaterials, Magnetoelectric materials, Multiferroic thin films, Rare earth doped Ni ferrite materials, Synthesis and characterization of nanocrystalline perovskite oxides, Semiconducting thin films, Magnetostrictive materials, Magnetic anisotropy in rare earth transition metal based thin films, Anomalous Hall effect, Magnetoreactance and Magnetoresistance materials.His current research work involved in fabrication of high quality epitaxial thin films of cathode (LiCoO2, LiMn2O4 etc.), anode (LiTi2O4, Si, Li2Ti4O7 etc.) and solid electrolyte materials (LiLaTiO3, Li7La3Zr2O12) for Li ion batteries. In addition to that, His research interest includes fabrication of high voltage, high and stable capacity cathode and anode nanomaterials with different morphology for Li and Na ion battery materials.  In addition to the energy materials, Dr. Kamala Bharathi is working on magnetoelectric multiferroic single phase and composite materials and thin films. Recently he has shown Visualization of n-p junction formation associated with oxygen vacancy migration in Ca-doped BiFeO3 (BCFO) thin films through spatially resolved scanning photocurrent mapping. 


Group Leader

  • Dr. K. Kamala Bharathi
  • PhD Students
  • Vivek P
  • D. Swathi
  • Bhavya Swami

B.Tech Student 


Bhavani Sasank (Graduated)

Master Students 


Annamalai (Graduated)

Collin (Graduated)

Umasankar (Graduated)


Citation: 1131

hindex: 20

i-10 index:30

No. of Publications: 51

Publications in Peer reviewed international journals:


K. Kamala Bharathi*, Tripta ParidaHanuma Kumar DaraRamesh Kumar KamaduraiAndré M. StrydomSarathbavan Murugan, and K. Ramamurthi, Dielectric Anomalies and Competing Magnetic Interactions in NiFe2O4-PMN-PT Nanocomposite Materials, J. Phys. Chem. C, Just Accepted Manuscript (DOI: 10.1021/acs.jpcc.7b10099) Impact Factor 4.536 * Corresponding Author

Sarathbavan M, Hanuma Kumar Dara, Ramesh Kumar K, André M Strydom, Tripta Parida, Ramamurthi K, K. Kamala Bharathi*, Effect of α-Fe2OPhase on the Magnetic Interactions in Nickel Ferrite (NiFe2O4) Nanoparticles, Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (Accepted) * Corresponding author (IF: 1.4)


Local degradation pathways in lithium-rich manganese–nickel–cobalt oxide epitaxial thin films, Aaron C. Johnston-Peck, Saya Takeuchi, K. Kamala Bharathi, Andrew. A. Herzing, Leonid A. Bendersky, Journal of Materials Science, (Accepted) (IF: 2.599)

Transmission electron microscopy study of epitaxial Li-Mn-O films grown by pulsed laser deposition: The effect of temperature on formation of phases, H. Tan, K. Kamala Bharathi, I. Takeuchi, Leonid A Bendersky, Thin Solid Films, 638, 282 (2017) (Impact factor: 1.87)

Electrochemical properties of BiFeO⁠3 nanoparticles: Anode material for sodium-ion battery application, Lignesh Durai, Brindha Moorthy, Collin Issac Thomas, Do Kyung Kim, K. Kamala Bharathi*, Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing (Accepted) (Impact Factor: 2.26) * Corresponding Author

Competing Magnetic Interactions and Superparamagnetism like Behaviour in xNiFe2O4 - (1-x) BaTiO3 (x=0.2 and 0.3) Nano Composites, S. Umashankar, Tripta Parida, K. Ramesh Kumar, André M. Strydom, G. Markandeyulu, K. Kamala Bharathi*, Journal of magnetism and magnetic materials, 439, 213 (2017)  (Impact factor 2.35) * Corresponding Author

Crystallography and growth of epitaxial oxide films for fundamental studies of cathode materials used in advanced Li-ion batteries, Leonid A. Bendersky, Haiyan Tan, K. Kamala Bharathi, Zhi-Peng Li and Aaron C. Johnston-5 Peck, Crystals 2017, 7, (Accepted)(Impact factor: 2.07)

Onsite magnetic moment through cation distribution and magnetocrystalline anisotropy studies in NiFe2−xRxO4 (R = Y and Lu; x = 0, 0.05, and 0.075), U. KodamK. Kamala Bharathi, R.V. Reddy, S. Rayaprol, Vasudeva Siruguri, and G. Markandeyulu, J. Appl. Phys. 121, 055101  (2017)


  • Effect of oxygen pressure on structure and ionic conductivity of epitaxial Li0.33La0.55TiO3 solid electrolyte thin films produced by pulsed laser deposition, K.  Kamala Bharathi, H. Tan, S. Takeuchi,  L. Meshi, H. Shen, J. Shin, I. Takeuchi and L. A. Bendersky, RSC Adv., 6, 61974 (2016) (Citation: 0, Impact Factor: 3.289) 
  • Structural study of epitaxial LiCoO2 for modeling Li-ion batteries, H. Tan, S. Takeuchi, K. Kamala Bharathi, G. R. Stafford, S. Yasui, I. Takeuchi, Leonid A. Bendersky, ACS applied materials & interfaces, 8, 6727-6735 (2016)(Citation: 0; Impact factor: 6.7) 
  • Temperature-dependent magnetization, anisotropy and conductivity of CoFe2−x Snx O4 (x = 0.025, 0.05, 0.075): appearance of grain boundary conductivity at high temperatures, KodamUgendar, V. Vaithyanathan, L. N. Patro, S. S. R. Inbanathan, and K. Kamala Bharathi*, J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 49, 305001 (2016) * Corresponding Author



  • Epitaxial LiCoO2 films as a model system for fundamental electrochemical studies of positive electrodes, Saya Takeuchi, Haiyan Tan, K Kamala Bharathi, Gery R Stafford, Jongmoon Shin, ShintaroYasui, Ichiro Takeuchi, Leonid A Bendersky, ACS applied materials & interfaces, 7, 7901 (2015) (Citation: 1; Impact factor: 6.723) 
  • Structural Characterization of Powders and Thin Films of Layered Li1. 2Mn0. 55Ni0. 15Co0. 1O2 Cathode Materials, Aaron C Johnston-Peck, K Kamala Bharathi, SayaTakeuchi, Igor Levin, Andrew A Herzing, Leonid A Bendersky, Microscopy and Microanalysis, 21, 145 (2015) (Citation: 0; Impact factor: 2.1) 
  • Structural Evolution During Electrochemical Cycling of Epitaxial LiCoO2 Films Studied by S/TEM, H Tan, S Takeuchi, K Kamala Bharathi, I Takeuchi, LA Bendersky, Microscopy and Microanalysis, 21, 139 (2015) (Citation: 0; Impact factor: 2.1)
  • Evolution of grain boundary conduction with increasing temperature in pure and Ti doped Co ferrite materials, V. Vaithyanathan, L. N. Patro, UgendarKodam, H. Tan, S. S. R. Inbanathan, and K. Kamala Bharathi,*J. Appl. Phys. 118, 114102 (2015) (Citation: 0; Impactfactor: 2.183) (* Corresponding author
  • Enhanced ferromagnetic properties and high temperature dielectric anomalies in Bi0.9Ca0.05Sm0.05FeO3 prepared by hydrothermal method, K. Kamala Bharathi*, G. Ramesh, L.N. Patro, N. Ravi Chandra Raju, Do Kyung Kim, Materials Research Bulletin, 62, (2015) 5-10. (Citation: 1; Impact factor: 2.288)



  • Microstructural and ionic transport studies of hydrothermally synthesized lanthanum fluoride nanoparticles, L. N. Patro, K. Kamala Bharathi* and N. Ravi Chandra Raju, AIP Advances 4, 127139 (2014) (Citation: 0; Impact factor: 1.59) 
  • High capacity and low cost spinel Fe3O4 for the Na-ion battery Negative electrode materials, Ramesh Kumar,Young Hwa Jung, K. Kamala Bharathi, Chek Hai Lim, Do Kyung Kim, ElectrochimicaActa, 146 (2014) 503 (Citation: 9; Impact factor: 4.5) 
  • An Aqueous Sodium Ion Hybrid Battery Incorporating an Organic Compound and a  Prussian Blue Derivative, Dong Jun Kim, Young Hwa Jung, K Kamala Bharathi, Sang Hyun Je, Do Kyung Kim, Ali Coskun, Jang Wook Choi, Advanced Energy Materials, DOI: 10.1002/aenm. 201400133, (Citation: 1; Impact factor: 16.146
  • DNA metallization for High performance Li-ion battery anodes, Dong Jun Kim, Min-Ah Woo, Ye Lim Jung, K Kamala Bharathi, Hyun Gyu Park, Do Kyung Kim, Jang Wook Choi, Nano Energy, Accepted (In press) (Citation: 1; Impact factor: 10.325)



  • S.S.R. Inbanathan, V. Vaithyanathan, J. AroutChelvane, G. Markandeyulu, K. KamalaBharathi*, Mössbauer studies and enhanced electrical properties of R (R=Sm, Gd andDy) doped Ni ferrite, J. Magn. Magn. Mater. 353, 41-46 (2014) (Citation: 13; Impactfactor: 1.97) *Corresponding author
  • C. V. Ramana, Y. D. Kolekar, K. Kamala Bharathi, B. Sinha, and K. Ghosh, Correlation between structural, magnetic, and dielectric properties of manganese substituted cobalt ferrite, J. Appl. Phys.114, 183907 (2013) (Citation: 8; Impactfactor: 2.183
  • K. Kamala Bharathi, Won-Mo Lee, Ji Ho Sung, Ji Soo Lim, SeungJin Kim, KanghyunChu, Jung Won Park , Jonghyun Song, Moon-Ho Jo, and Chan-Ho Yang, Detection of electrically formed photosensitive area in Ca-doped BiFeO3 thin films, Appl. Phys. Lett.102, 012908 (2013) (Citation: 14; Impact factor: 3.302
  • K. Kamala Bharathi*, LN Patro, CV Ramana, Electronic behavior and impedanceanalysis of microcrystalline LiFePO4, J. Mater. Sci., 48, 5063 (2013) (Citation: 2;Impact factor: 2.015) *Corresponding author 

Citation details: http://scholar.google.com/citations?user=AcnwIIkAAAAJ 


  • C. V. Ramana, K. Kamala Bharathi, A. Garcia, and A. L. Campbell, Growth Behavior, Lattice Expansion, Strain, and Surface Morphology of Nanocrystalline, Monoclinic HfO2Thin Films , J. Phys. Chem. C, 116, 9955 (2012) (Citation: 19; Impact factor: 4.772).  
  • K. Kamala Bharathi*, G. Markandeyulu, and C. V. Ramana, Microstructure, ACimpedance and DC electrical conductivity characteristics of NiFe2-xGdxO4 (x = 0, 0.05 and 0.075), AIP Adv., 2, 012139 (2012) (Citation: 7; Impact factor: 1.59) *Corresponding author 
  • K. Kamala Bharathi, M. Noor-A-Alam, R. S. Vemuri and C. V. Ramana, Correlationbetween microstructure, electrical and optical properties of nanocrystalline NiFe1.925Dy0.075O4 thin films, RSC Adv.2, 941 (2012) (Citation: 8; 3.84).
  • K. Kamala Bharathi, R.S. Vemuri, M. Noor-A-Alam and C. V. Ramana, Effect ofannealing on the microstructure of NiFe1.925Dy0.075O4 thin films, Thin Solid Films520, 1794 (2012) (Citation: 5; Impact factor: 1.759).



  • K. Kamala Bharathi*, G. Markandeyulu, and C. V. Ramana, Structural, Magnetic,Electrical, and Magnetoelectric Properties of Sm- and Ho- Substituted Nickel Ferrites, J. Phys. Chem. C, 115 (2), 554 (2011) (Citation: 44; Impact factor: 4.772).  *Corresponding author 
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  •  K. Kamala Bharathi, G. Markandeyulu and  C. V. Ramana, Enhanced Dielectric Property of Ni Ferrite by Sm and Ho Substitution, Electrochem.Solid- State Lett.13, G98 (2010) (Citation: 11; Impact factor: 1.995).



  • K Kamala Bharathi, J AroutChelvane, G Markandeyulu, Magnetoelectric properties of Gdand Nd-doped nickel ferrite, J. Magn. Magn.Mater.323, 51 (2011) (Citation: 44; Impactfactor: 1.97).
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  • K. Kamala Bharathiand G. Markandeyulu, Ferroelectric and ferromagnetic propertiesof Gd substituted nickel ferrite, J. Appl. Phys. 103, 07E309 (2008) (Citation: 22;Impact factor: 2.183). 
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  • K. Kamala Bharathi, Aravindaraj G. Kannan, JooHyung Kim and Do Kyung Kim, Synthesis and Room Temperature Ferromagnetic Properties of α-MnO2 Nanorods and Nanowires, MRS Spring Meeting, April 1-5, 2013, San Francisco, USA. 
  • K. Kamala Bharathi, Won-Mo Lee, Ji Soo Lim, SeungJin Kim, Kanghyun Chu, JungWon Park, Jonghyun Song, Moon-Ho Jo, and Chan-Ho Yang, Direct visualization of p-n junction formation in Ca doped BiFeO3 thin film through spatially resolved photocurrent measurements, AKPA-KPS joint workshop, Daejeon, South Korea, April 24-25, 2012. 
  • K. Kamala Bharathi, S. Venkatesh, G Prathiba, N Harish Kumar and C. V. Ramana,Room temperature Ferromagnetism in HfO2 films, 55 th Conference ofMagnetism and Magnetic Materials     (MMM-2010), Atlanta, USA  during November, 2010. 
  • K. Kamala Bharathi, R. S. Vermuri, G. Markandeyulu and C.V. Ramana, ElectricalConduction Mechanisms in NiFe2O4 and NiFe1.925Sm0.075O4 Thin Films, AVS 57th International Symposium & Exhibition, October 17-22, 2010. Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. 
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  • Sandhya Dwevathi, K. Kamala Bharathi and G. Markandeyulu ,Magnetoreactance studies in R (R = Dy, Gd, Nd) doped Ni ferrite, Intermag 2009 Conference, May 4-8, 2009, Sacramento, California, USA. 
  • K. Kamala Bharathiand G.Markandeyulu, Preparation and Electrical properties ofSm28Fe72, Sm32Fe68 films, “International Symposium for Research Scholars 2008”, December 10-12, 2008, IIT Madras. 
  • K. Kamala Bharathiand G.Markandeyulu, Anomalous Hall effect in Sm28Fe72,Sm32Fe68 thin films, “53nd (DAE) Solid State Physics Symposium” 16-20 December, 2008, Mumbai. 
  • K. Kamala Bharathiand G. Markandeyulu, Ferroelectric and ferromagneticproperties of Gd substituted nickel ferrite, 52nd Conference of Magnetism andMagnetic Materials (MMM 2007), Tampa, Florida, USA during November 5-9, 2007. 
  • K. Kamala Bharathi, J. AroutChelvane and G.Markandeyulu, Ferromagnetic andDielectric Properties of Sm Substituted Ni ferrite, “National Symposium for Materials Research Scholars – MR08” IIT Bombay,17-18 May, 2008.  
  • K. Kamala Bharathi, H. Tan, S. Takeuchi, I. Takeuchi and Leonid Bendersky, Ionic conductivity of the epitaxial Li0.33La0.55TiO3 solid electrolyte thin films, 227th ECS Meeting, Chicago, USA during May 23rd to 28th, 2015  
  • V. Vaithyanathan, KodamUgendar, S. S. R. Inbanathan, and K. Kamala Bharathi, Magnetization: A tool to investigate the Li battery materials after the electrochemical test, INTERMAG 2015 during May 11th to 15th, Beijin, China 2015.



Materials Science -B.Tech

Solid State Physics –B.Sc Physics

Low Temperature Physics - B.Sc Physics

Ph.D Students

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For contact:
Dr. K. Kamala Bharathi
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