Dr. Palash Sanphui


Research Assistant Professor

Educational Details:

  • Ph.D., Crystal Engineering, University of Hyderabad
  • M.Sc., Chemistry, IIT Kharagpur

Academic Experience: 

  • Two years postdoctoral experience as Dr. D. S. Kothari fellow under the supervision of Prof. Gautam R. Desiraju, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore (June 2012-May 2014)


  • Attended 63 Nobel laureate meeting in Chemistry on 30 June-5 July 2013 in Lindau, Germany.
  • Attended Indo−U.S. Workshop on Pharmaceutical Cocrystals and Polymorphs, Mysore, Feb 8-10, 2009.

Achievements and Awards:  

  • Awarded DST International travel support (DST-ITS) to attend 16th ASCA conference in NUS, Singapore, 17-20 Dec., 2019.
  • Designated as "ASCA2019 Rising Star" Awardee with 1000 SGD bursary to attend the 16th ASCA conference on 17-20 December 2019 in National University of Singapore, Singapore
  • Awarded as "Emerging Investigators in Crystal Growth & Design" among 24 crystallographers around the world (2019)
  • Gold medal award (2019) for best oral presentation from SRMIST on the occasion of 'Science day'
  • DST fast-track scheme for young Scientist (September 2013).
  • Dr. Y. S. Kothari postdoctoral fellowship (August 2013)
  • Awarded 1st runner prize of K. V. Rao society memorial and Oration awards in the category of Young Research Scientist award in July 2011.

Other Professional Experience:

  • Research Scientist, Lupin Ltd. (June 2014-October 2017).

Reviewers of International Journals:

  • Crystal Growth and Design ( Impact factor: 4.2)
  • Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics (Impact factor: 4.5)
  • CrystEngcomm  (Impact factor: 4.1)
  • RSC Advances (Impact factor:3.7)
  • European Journal of Pharmaceutical Science (Impact factor: 3.4)
  • Journal of Pharmaceutical Science (Impact factor: 3.1)
  • Journal of Molecular Structure (Impact factor: 1.8)
  • Journal of Crystal Growth (Impact factor: 1.7)
  • Journal of Computational Science (Impact factor: 1.6)
  • Book chapters

Topic editor of International Journal:

Frontier in Chemistry (I. F. 3.5)

  • Crystal engineering of pharmaceutical molecules
  • Solid form screening (polymorphs, cocrystals, salts etc.)
  • Drug-drug cocrystals
  • Study of weak interactions
  • Design of organogelator with pharmaceutically relevant molecules.

Present PhD students:

  1. Ms. VASANTHI  P (Joined June, 2018)
  2. Mr. Sivaji Kotta, a part time PhD student (joined September, 2020)
  3. Mr. T. K. S. Fayaz (joined January, 2021)
  4. Ms. Richu Bagya Varsa S (Joined July 2021)

Proposed research work:

  • Tuning pharmaceutically relevant properties of active ingredients using Crystal Engineering,
  • In Vitro Drug Release Testing for Opthalmic drug products using Hyphenated Techniques.
  • Modulating diffusion permeability of a few active pharmaceutical ingredients by cocrystal engineering

Former postgraduate: Ms. HARSHA S (May 2019)
Thesis title: Crystal engineering solution of ascorbic acid oxidative degradation.

Former postgraduates:
2. Ms. AKSHAYA .R (May 2020)
Thesis title: Multicomponent solid forms of Allopurinol and their effect on improved dissolution.

Selected Publications: 

  • Isostructural cocrystals of metaxalone with improved dissolution characteristics. Sunil Kumar Gohel, Vasanthi Palanisamy, Palash Sanphui,* Muthuramalingam Prakash, Girij Pal Singh and Vladimir Chernyshev*, RSC Adv., 2021, 11, 30689-30700.
  • Tuning Diffusion Permeability of an Anti-Retroviral Drug, Emtricitabine, via Multicomponent Crystallizations. Vasanthi Palanisamy, Palash Sanphui*, Vaskuri G. S. Sainaga Jyothi, Nalini R Shastri, Geetha Bolla*, Kandhan Palanisamy, , Muthuramalingam Prakash and Venu R. Vangala, Cryst. Growth Des. 2021, 21,
  • Organic molecular salts of allopurinol with improved solubility. Akshaya Radhakrishnan, Vasanthi Palanisamy, Palash Sanphui*, Materialstoday: Proceedings 2020,
  • Intriguing high Z" cocrystals of Emtricitabine.Vasanti Palanisamy, Palash Sanphui*, Geetha Bolla*, Aditya Narayan, Colib V. Seaton and Venu R. Vangala*, Crystal Growth Design, 2020, Doi: 10.1021/acs.cgd.0c00744
  • A disappearing metastable hydrate form of L-citrulline: Variable conformations in polymorphs and hydrates.  Palash Sanphui,* Renjith S.Pillai,  J. Mol. Struc.  2020, 1201, 127179.. 
  • Multicomponent solid forms of the uric acid reabsorption inhibitor lesinurad and cocrystal polymorphs with urea: DFT simulation and solubility study.  Vasanthi Palanisamy, Palash Sanphui,* Muthuramalingam Prakash and Vladimir Chernyshev*, Acta Cryst. (2019). C75,
  • Lower melting pharmaceutical cocrystals of Metaxalone with carboxamide functionalities. SunilKumar V. Gohel, Palash Sanphui,* Girij Pal Singh, Krishnamurthy Bhat and M. Prakash, J. Mol. Struc. 2019, 1178, 479-490.
  • Curcumin, a Biological Wonder Molecule: A Crystal Engineering Point of View Palash Sanphui* and Geetha Bolla*, Cryst. Growth Des., 2018, 18(9), 5690–5711.
  • New multi-component solid forms of an anti-cancer drug Erlotinib: role of auxiliary interactions in determining a preferred conformation. Palash Sanphui*, Lalit Kumar Rajput, Shanmukha Prasad Gopi and Gautam R. Desiraju* Acta Cryst. 2016, B72, 291-300.  
  • Cocrystals of Hydrochlorothiazide: Solubility and diffusion/permeability enhancements through drug-coformer interactions. Palash Sanphui, V. Kusum Devi, Deepa Mathew, Nidhi Malviya, Somnath Ganguly,* and Gautam R. Desiraju‡* Mol. Pharmaceutics 2015, 12, 1615-1622.
  • Tuning mechanical properties of pharmaceutical crystals through the multi-component crystal route: Voriconazole as a case study. Palash Sanphui, Manish Kumar Mishra, U. Ramamurty* and Gautam R. Desiraju*, Mol. Pharmaceutics 2015, 12, 889-897.
  • Tuning of Solubility and Stability of Hydrochlorothiazide Cocrystals (Crystal Engineering special issue) Palash Sanphui* and Lalit Rajput, Acta Cryst. 2014, B70, 81-90.
  • Acemetacin Cocrystals and Salts: Structure Solution from Powder X-ray Data and Form Selection of the Piperazine Salt.Palash Sanphui, Geetha Bolla, Ashwini Nangia,* and Vladimir V. Chernyshev*, IUCRJ 2014, 1, 136-150.
  • Salt and co-crystals of sildenafil with dicarboxylic acids: Solubility and pharmacokinetic advantage of the glutarate salt Palash Sanphui, Srinu Tothadi, Somnath Ganguly and Gautam R. Desiraju*, Mol. Pharmaceutics 2013, 10, 4687-4697.
  • Crystal Engineering of Stable Temozolomide Cocrystals N. Jagadeesh Babu, Palash Sanphui and Ashwini Nangia*, Chem. Asian J. 2012, 7, 2274-  2285.
  • Fast dissolving Curcumin cocrystals Palash Sanphui, N. Rajesh Goud, U. B. Rao Khandavill and Ashwini Nangia*. Cryst. Growth Des. 2011, 11, 4135-4145.
  • New polymorphs of Curcumin Palash Sanphui, N. Rajesh Goud, U. B. Rao Khandavilli, Sreenu Bhanot and Ashwini Nangia*, Chem. Commun. 2011, 47, 5013-5015.
  • Conformational polymorphs and phase transition in nimesulide Palash Sanphui, Bipul Sarma and Ashwini Nangia*,  J. Pharm. Sci. 2011, 100, 2287-2299.
  • Polymorphism in Secondary Benzene Sulfonamides Palash Sanphui, Bipul Sarma and Ashwini Nangia*, Cryst. Growth  Des., 2010, 10, 4550-4564.

Patents Published/Filed:

  • A Eutectic composition and a process for the preparation thereof. Palash Sanphui and Vasanthi Palanisamy, Indian patent application no. 201941042646 dt. 21 October, 2019.
  • Cariprazine hydrochloride polymorphic forms and process for preparation thereof, Palash Sanphui et al.Indian provisional application no. 201721029081, 16 August 2017
  • Neratinib crystalline forms and process for preparation thereof, Palash Sanphui et al. Indian patent application no. IN 20172103053, 11 April 2017.
  • Novel cocrystals of Lesinurad and process for the preparation thereof, Palash Sanphui et al. Indian patent application no. IN 20162105247, 14 Feb 2017.
  • Amorphous teneligliptin hydrobromide and process for preparation thereof, Palash Sanphui et al. Indian patent application no. IN201621044351, 26 Dec 2016.
  • Novel Polymorphic Forms Of Lesinurad And Process of Preparation Thereof, Palash Sanphui et al. Provisional application IN201621039313 filed on Nov. 17, 2016.
  • Salts of Obeticholic acid, Palash Sanphui et al. Provisional application 201621034529 filed, on Oct. 07, 2016.
  • Crystalline forms of Daclatasvir dihydrochloride, Palash Sanphui et al. Indian patent application no In 201621023521, 8 July 2016.
  • Solid forms of obeticholic acid and processes thereof, Palash Sanphui et al. Provisional application 201621000031  filed on Jan.  01, 2016.
  • Novel polymorphs of apremilast and the preparation thereof, Palash  Sanphui et al. Indian patent application no.  IN. 2048/Mum/2015 filed on May 26, 2015. PCT application WO 2016/189486A1.   
  • Sildenafil cocrystals and salts, and uses thereof, Palash Sanphui et al. Indian Patent Application No. 3031/CHE/2013.
  • Novel polymorphs and co-crystals of Curcumin, Palash Sanphui et al. Indian Patent Application No. 1154/CHE/2011.
  • Stable cocrystals of Temozolomide, Palash Sanphui et al. Indian Patent Application No. 2303/CHE/2009 & PCT-WO 2011/036676 A2.

Papers Presented: 

  • Talk: Palash Sanphui, “High solubility Piperazinium salts of NSAID Meclofenamic acid” during Indo-US symposium on “Evolution of Solid state science in the Pharmaceutical Industry”, 2-4 Feb 2012, Gurgaon, Delhi.
  • Poster: Palash Sanphui, “Novel polymorphs and co-crystals of Curcumin” during XXII Congress and General Assembly of the International Union of Crystallography, 22-30 August 2011, Madrid, Spain.
  • Poster: Palash Sanphui, “Crystal Engineering of Temozolomide cocrystals” during 4th International Symposium on “Current Trends in Drug Discovery Research” (CTDDR-2010), 17-21 Feb 2010, CDRI, Lucknow.

Books published:

  • Crystal Engineering of Curcumin solid forms. Palash Sanphui and Geetha Bolla.  LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, 6 September 2018. ISBN no.   978-3-659-91397-6. 


Courses taught:

  • Functional groups in Organic Chemistry II (Sub code-UCY18502)-BSc students
  • Functional Groups in Organic Chemistry (UCY18402)-BSc students
  • Basic Concepts of Organic Chemistry (Course ID-UCY18102)-BSc students
  • Allied Chemistry II (Course ID-UCY15461)-B.Sc student
  • Chemistry of Natural Products (Course ID-UCY15E03)-B.Sc students
  • Principle of Environmental Science (Course ID-15CY102)-B.Tech students
  • General Chemistry III (Course ID-UCY15301)-B.Sc students

Interested and well motivated MSc qualifies students can contact me via mail for Project/ Ph.D. enrollment.

Email ID:

Contact: 9168260808