Research Day



  • Participants are allowed to submit their abstracts/Extended Abstract only through online portals. Hardcopy of abstract is not accepted.

  • Participants are allowed to submit more than one research abstract/article.

  • Faculty members and students are requested to submit their abstracts in the respective online portals (Faculty and Student).

  • If the first author is a faculty member submit the abstracts in faculty portal if not the abstract should be submitted via students portal.(Students includes all students and full time research scholars)

  • The abstract with same title is not allowed to submit again with other co- authors as first author.

  • Kindly ensure and check the name of the authors and affiliation before submission of abstract. Further changes are not appreciable.

  • Participants are allowed to present their work to other departments based on the research topic. However, participants are requested to mention the department where they wish to present their paper at the time of abstract submission.

  • It is not encouraged to add any names apart from the names present in the submitted abstract while submitting Extended Abstract.

  • Gold/Silver medal will be given only to the presenting author.

  • Certificate will be issued to the authors of the papers only if they present their paper during the presentation in the respective.