Report On Dr.T.R Paarivendhar Lecture Series – IV


The fourth in the series of Dr.Paarivendhar lecture series had the distinction of hosting the first woman resource person. The first event of 2020 started off with an excellent and highly resourceful lecture on 8th January 2020 by Ms. Shobha Mishra Ghosh.

The Dean of School of Management, Dr.V.M.Ponniah, welcomed the gathering and briefly narrated the on gong measures to take management education to the next level. The program was inaugurated by Dr.T.R.Paarivendhar M.P who brought out the various pioneering efforts of SRM-IST in bringing about innovation in higher education and providing support for startups and idea incubations.

Ms. Shobha Mishra Ghosh, Assistant Secretary General, FICCI, New Delhi began her lecture by pointing out the gap between talent required and the available talent pool. Her eloquent speech on the subject “The future jobs in India and the role of universities” was very thought-provoking and ignited young minds who were present. Ms. Ghosh highlighted the need for reforms in higher education and outlined a few suggestions that FICCI would make to the government in this regard. She also lauded the efforts of SRM IST under the excellent and able leadership of Dr.T.R.Paarivendhar in not only bringing about research and innovation in teaching and learning process but also by ensuring that it plays the role of a socially responsible higher educational institution.

The interactive session that followed was highly informative and educative. It was equally received by both the faculty and the students. The program concluded with the vote of thanks by the co-ordinator of the program, Dr.G.Bhaskar, and the participants taking a lot of issues to mull over.


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