Entrepreneurship Journey


The School of Management, SRM Institute of Science and Technology organized “My Entrepreneurial Journey” Event for MBA 1st year students on 2nd November 2018. The event was addressed by many eminent young and successful entrepreneurs.

This meet was mainly arranged to display the success of empowered women entrepreneurs in this society. Moreover to inculcate the idea of starting a business among the young minds.

The speech was first started by Mr.Mayil Vaganan, co-founder of MC’s lunch box. He is an MBA graduate along with his wife and team is providing healthy and tasty food to children among Chennai and other places. We know that we lack nutrition in the food that we intake on a day to day diet. So with that opinion, both Mayilvaganan and his wife had decided to provide healthy food that not only looks good but also taste good. They do around 1000000 services in Chennai with 8 snacks lab in various schools which are run mainly by women.

He encouraged students to identify and empower the talent within us and about being a social entrepreneur doing a good difference in the society by sharing profit with others. Current he is planning to set up the franchise and diverse into the football field.

Then his speech was succeeded by Mrs.Archana Stalin, Founder and Green Champion of My Harvest, an urban farming team where a person can pay for the interested vegetables or fruits and with the help of team grow the product in a hygienic environment with an idea to eat healthy food. In addition to this, she spoke about the benefit of developing entrepreneurship idea right from college. She addressed every problem from population to poverty, can be converted to an opportunity with the help of the right skill, technology, and business model. After all, we are what we eat

Mrs. Shalini Visakan fashion designer and founder of Suvastra Designs which provides a variety of regular and adaptive clothing to the specially abled people by providing extra belts, length and breadth in the dress with an idea to address the problem faced by these people wearing the regular clothing available in the market. She proudly emphasized how her husband Mr.Visakan being a special abled person himself was able to support and in fact guide her with new ideas and designs to done for comfort adaptive wear, one such is the adaptive saree which can easily be worn by any women.

The meet was next addressed by an alumnus of SRM School of Management Ms.Kalaiarasi C.E, Jayaa distills water, practical and flamboyant personality provides distilled water for batteries medical business, etc. She openly spoke about the failures and mistakes in her own business life and shared that an entrepreneur must first be confident before beginning any work.

Finally Mrs. Kavipriya Anandan founder of Adding smiles Media  Pvt Ltd a vibrant and bold person hailing from Ooty shared about her experience of becoming a social entrepreneur right from her childhood to now. She clearly stated that one must convince oneself to convince other people as a baseless vision will always be considered as superstition. Her business has multiple wings from CSR, Media, Communication, Leadership, etc. In addition to this, she also expresses that the students must explore in various fields to interest and develop a passion for what we do. In the end, she concluded her speech by advising the students to listen to whistle ringing inside them.

Students were very motivated on hearing such vibrant speeches and enthusiastically asked questions to the guest, and they patiently cleared all the questions and doubts of the students which added enthusiasm to the audience. It was very thoughtful of the management to have conducted such insightful session for the management Students as part of their curriculum.