Financial Conclave

Start: 10-17-2019
Financial Conclave
  • On 17th October, 2019 a Financial Conclave was conducted by the School of Management, of SRMIST  Ramapuram, Chennai.
  • There were three sessions held by three chief guests who spoke on various topics based on financial world justifying the purpose of workshop that was about “Financial transformation sustainability vs. vulnerability in the current millennials”.
  • The FINCON’19 was begun auspiciously by the lighting of the lamp by the chief guests and college faculty.
  • The gathering was welcomed by the Head of Department Dr. Arul Mozhi, with the importance of knowing the financial aspects in day to day life.
  • The first speaker of the day, Mr. Chozha Naachiyar Rajasekar, the president of Tamil chamber, addressed the students with whole lot of enthusiasm which marked a great start to the day. He spoke not only about the Indian economical status, but also the global market scenario today. He told them the important roles played by some major organizations like IMF, the importance of FDI, etc. The most complex things were explained with beautiful anecdotes and short stories by him so they had better knowledge towards the topic.
  • The second speaker, Mr. Suresh Kumar Manoharan, from Merrill technology, who worked with XBRL US Data Analysis, as the project lead, projected a great interest from the beginning. He spoke on “An Evolution to Advanced Financial Reporting”. He began with an interactive question and answer session on students’ academic profile that acted as an ice breaker among them. The significance of financial statements, the uses and users, the valuable source it serves to be, were few topics that he covered. He gave a deep insight on what financial reporting was. He also touched upon prevention of accounting fraud and how XBRL plays a major role in it.
  • The third speaker of the day, Mr. Gopala Krishnan, from AECOM, a graduate of IIM Ahemedabad, gave a brief overview as to how “Financial aspects influence Infrastructure Projects”. The various kinds of infrastructures like social, economic, critical were explained by him in detail. The aspects of funding such huge projects, the complex markets in the current world, the people and institutions who would want to fund them, the funding methodologies. The crux of his speech was how funds flow in infrastructure field mattered. As a business management and epc service for infrastructure power oil and gas, he stated about the infrastructure project of India related to economic and its brief overview of financial aspects He stated some of the mou’s signed between India and other countries for project work and infrastructure development like JICA Japanese company helped building chennai metro, Seaways waterplant etc. He likely explaind the financial role in current scenario
  • The students found all three sessions very useful and posed various questions in doubt that got clarified.
  • The day was ended by a thanking note to all the ones who made the event possible in such a great manner.


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