Inauguration of Madras Management Association(MMA) - Student Chapter on 14th Feb 2019

Start: 02-14-2019


Organised by School of Management , SRM Institute of science & Technology, Ramapuram Campus is inaugurating 

Madras Management Association(MMA) Student Chapter

“We must be always prepared to meet the opportunities around us!”

The start with the quote ‘Do great things together', the session was encouraging, enthusiastic and inspiring to candidates of MBA, School of Management, SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Ramapuram, Chennai – 89. On the occasion of inaugurating MMA student chapter, the lighting of the lamp by the guests and followed by the welcome address by Dr. Jyothi. Dr. P. Sekar (Dean-S&H) addressed the student with enlighten quotes. He said that one must have a good mind and body balance. He also said that strong mind and good sense is needed.

Mr. Venkatraman, General Manager, MMA, gave a powerful speech in enriching knowledge in specialized areas. He said that it necessary for the young vibrant to stay young. He said that the two years of struggle and hard work in MBA will be a strong foundation for the next forty years or more. He said that time management is essential for management students as success depends on it. He emphasized to be job givers instead of job seekers. He also said that one should find their own strengths and to make use of that strength to achieve success. He then gave a brief introduction and the advantages of being a member of MMA. 

The student ambassadors of the MMA meet were presented with their badges. The office bearers will be representing the students, taking all the responsibilities of coordination and arrangement regarding MMA.

Mrs. Sangeetha Sumesh, Executive Director and CFO of Dun & Bradstreet Technologies gave an informational speech on the important Mantras. Her Mantras were enumerated from the 3M’s – Mythology, Movies and Myself. She concluded her speech by saying that this period of life is for everyone to take calculated risk by assessing and evaluating it.  She emphasized the importance of managing oneself efficiently and effectively. Moreover, she shared her experience on how a normal experience during her Cambodian vacation inspired her to write a book which was later a bestselling and this was to relate that we must be always prepared to meet the opportunities around us. Her speech was illuminating students to think from a different perspective and gain a fair share of understanding about the importance of self and social management.

The session was a benchmark for the students of School of Management, SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Ramapuram in shaping their young minds and making them to reach heights in life.



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