Student Associations

Student Associations

Department of Computer Science & Engineering

CSE Association

Department of Information Technology

Tivoli IT Association

  • TIVOLI, an IT association, was established in the year 2006 to nurture and enhance young minds and to give them the cutting edge. It inspires students in paper presentation and event organization.

Technical Clubs of IT Department

1. Student Association: TIVOLI IT

2. Project Club

3. IEI Association

1. Association Activities

Symposium associated with TIVOLI IT

A National level Technical Symposium AURGANON2K15 was organized by the Department of IT, SRM Institute of Science and Technology (formerly known as SRM University), Ramapuram Campus on February 27, 2015. The inaugural of National Level Technical Symposium was started with an invocation song by 9.00 A.M at Seminar Hall, Block IV. Ms.Pushpalatha Annavi, Deputy General Manager of Volvo India (P) Ltd., graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. Welcoming the Chief Guest and other dignitaries, Mrs.R.M.Rani, Head of the Department/ IT has presented the welcome address.

The special inaugural address of chief guest includes the trend setting topics like BIG Data, Cloud Computing,IoT,Mobility and the current industry expectations which will surely motivate the students in their bright future. The function was presided by Dr.V.Subbaiah Bharathi, Dean, SRM Institute of Science and Technology (formerly known as SRM University), Ramapuram. The felicitation address was given by our Vice Principal Dr. L. Antony Michael Raj. The University Toppers, Project club members and AURGANON2 core team members were appreciated with medals, trophy and merit certificates. The function ended with a vote of thanks by  Mrs.R.Mythili, Event organizer.

Technical events:

  • Paper Clave
  • Technical Quiz
  • Code debugging
  • Web Designing
  • Dumb C
  • Photography & Short Film
  • Super over & 5S Football and
  • Workshops on Cloud Computing & Android Fix

Total of 250+ students from 20+ various colleges participated and shared their knowledge.

2. Project Club

The main objective of the project club is to train the students on various real time technologies based on the industries requirements and next important criteria is to undertake various project on the department level and also on real world applications.

The club main focus will be on real time technologies and requirements in the job market. The club promotes self learning, creativity and encourages to develop new innovative ideas. Projects will be assigned to the students as an individual or as a team. The project development will be monitored by the mentor.The president and vise-president will be responsible for the functioning of the club.

List of completed projects taken under Project Club

1. Online Test portal

2. Offline Web Portal

3. Department Website

4. Database Authentication using Advanced Security Standards

5. Med Tag

List of On Going projects taken under Project Club

1. A Novel Algorithm for mining behavioral pattern from wireless sensor network

2. Online file Storage & Sharing System

3. Automatic Question Paper Generator

3. Institute Of Engineers India

The Department of Information Technology in association with the Institute of Engineers has conducted the following events.

Date : 13/3/15. Event Name : Debate. Topic : Is India A Democracy? Participants : III years.

Date : 20/3/15. Event Name : Debate. Topic : “Controversial Issues In India” Participants : I years & III years.

Date : 27/3/15. Event Name : Quiz. Topic : Technical & General Quiz. Participants : III years. 3 Groups (Resilience, Octavian’s, Targarians.)

Department of Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering Association

  • The 'Civil Engineering Association' is run by students of Civil Engineering, with guidance from the faculty. This association serves as a platform for students to expose their talents and get trained in managerial and administrative skills while organizing various events.

Department of Electrical and Communication Engineering

DELTA- ECE Students Association

DELTA was inaugurated on April 2005 with the following objectives.

  • To provide students of the ECE department, a platform to exhibit their technical skills.
  • To train student to prepare and present technical papers.

Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering


  • Eqbe - a forum for nurturing and showcasing talents among EEE students' was launched on 26th August 2010.
  • An important initiative from Eqbe newsletter "Zenith". This newsletter has three sections namely "Know How"-the technical section; "Dhwani"-the social section; "Echoes"-a students' corner.

Students Club and Association  Details

Sl.No. Date Name of Activity Name of Event Venue No. of Students Participated Guest Details Internal / External
1 25/2/2015 Energy club activity Ennore"Knowledge series lecture on
"Wind energy generation technologies" thermal power plant
TRP Auditorium 75 "Dr. Balaram, Senior Manager,
Power Research Development
Consultancy - Bangalore"
2 I2/3/2015 Department Activity SDSC SH "Project convention
on "implementation of solar street lighting"
AR, Sriharikota
TRP Auditorium 144 Internal
3 6/3/2015 Department Activity Guest lecture on " power system analysisa and its issues"
Block IV 602 129 "Dr. Kalaivani, Prof. & Head/ EEE,
Rajalakshmi Engineering college,
4 9/3/2015 IEEE Activity "Guest lecture on
"Initiatives towards carrer growth"
TRP Auditorium 330 "Er. Venkateswaran, Chief Executive Officer
Kasa Anlagen India (P) Ltd, Chennai"
5 13/3/2015 IEEE Activity "Brain blast-15
TRP Auditorium 54 Internal
6 17/ 3/2015 Department Activity "Placement experience-
A Discussion "
Block IV 602 144 Internal


  • Entrepreneurship Development Cell was established in October 2009
  • Business Line Clubwas formed in November 2009

Department of Chemistry

Chemistry Research Colloquium

  • This is a forum for the research community to expose themselves to a diversity of research work, new methods, and recent technologies and for fostering, understanding of broad range of approaches to research. The colloquium organizes presentations by research scholars, faculty members and experts from other institutions.

Department of Computer Applications (MCA)

MCA Association effectively starts from 2010.
Aim: To conduct Guest Lecture, Industrial Visit, Workshop and Alumni interaction To improve knowledge on programming skills through workshops, To know about the latest trends of industries.

2010 - 2011
Conducted a National Conference on “Research Areas in Computer Science” on April 24 and 25, 2008.
Conducted a National Level Symposium “TecBlaze’10” on August 26 & 27, 2010.

Industrial Visit to BSNL on 11.Oct.2010 for II MCA

Guest lecturers/Workshop/Industrial Visit/Placement Training

  • Work shop on High End Networking by SANSBOUND on March 4, 2011

Placement Training for II MCA Students on April 1, 2011

2012 - 2013

A workshop by our Alumni Mr. A.Sathish. Kumar on ASP.NET On 9 February,  2012

Workshop on “Networking Concepts” by SANSBOUND on 14 Feb, 2012

Conducted a National Conference on “Emerging Trends in Computer Applications” on February 24, 2012

Workshop/Placement Training/Industrial Visit Conducted by KSJP Softech Resource Pvt. Ltd. after signing an MOU.
Workshop on “PHP Programming” by KSJP SOFT TECH on 24.08.12

Alumni Activities
A session based on placement training was given by Mr.Gopinath and Mr. Nileshkumar, employed in NewGen technologies on 27th September 2012

Mr. Gyan Prakash from Wipro company delivered a lecture to MCA I year on 5 October, 2012

2013 - 2014

Workshop on “Advanced Java and ASP.NET” by KSJP Softech on 21.01.2013 to 22.01.2013

Industrial Visit to SANSBOUND Networking School, Kodambakkam, Chennai on 01.02.2013

Organized 2nd National Technical Symposium “TecBlaze’13” on 15.02.2013

ANDROID Based applications on the 10-07-2013 the MCA-III

SOFTECH RESOURSE conducted a seminar on topic of UNIX On 17-07-2013

SOFTECH RESOURSE conducted a seminar on the topic WEB SERVICES On 05-08-2013

An industrial visit to the corporate office KaaShiv Info Tech, Shivantha building, X41, 5th floor 2nd avenue, anna nagar Chennai-600040. On 29/08/13

Guest Lecturer on “Career Guidance” for final year students on 30.09.2013

Guest lecture on “Employers Expectations from Young Managers”  for I MCA students on 29.10.2013

2014 – 2015

Industrial visit was conducted at Sansbound On 30.01.2014

On 05/02/2014 for MCA-A Section and on 06-02-14 at the same time for MCA-B Section in the Topic “UNIX Networking Concepts”

An Industrial tour to ENTELL CAD, SONATA SOFTWARE , UTL TECHNOLOGIES on 12/03/2014 to 15/03/14

Guest Lecture on “Software Testing” on 14.07.2014 by Mr. J.J. Srinivasa Rao, System Engineer, Tata Consultancy Services, Siruseri, Chennai (Alumni of 2009-12 batch)

Guest Lecture on "Testing tool - QTP” was held on 25.7.2014 at MCA Lab, SRM Institute of Science and Technology (formerly known as SRM University) by Ms.S.Saranya, Testing Trainer, Cognizant Technology Solutions

Placement Preparation and Experience on Placement Drive By III MCA Student on 16.12.2014 by Mr. VIJAY A.P CSC placed student 2012-2015

On the day of 5th January 2015 the students of 2nd year MCA had attended the guest lecture given by Mr.Dinesh Singh, passed out student of MCA department

On the day of 22 January 2015 the students of 2nd year MCA received a special guest lecture from a TCS employees Ms. Shivadharshini and Mr.Harish Balaji, the latter an alumni of our a MCA dept 2010-13

Mr.Harish Balaji alumni of our a MCA dept 2010-13

On the day of 14 February 2015 the students of 2nd year MCA received a special guest lecture from Mr Shantanu Kumar Mohanty, an alumni of our a MCA dept 2010-13

Department of Physics

Forum of Sciences

  • A Science Association formed by the Department of Physics to stimulate an interest in Science among students and to bring out their skills, this forum has a wide spectrum of activities. It organizes guest lectures by eminent Scientist, debates and seminars for the benefit of the students.

Department of Mathematics


  • This mathematical association conducts quest lectures, seminars, conferences and quizzes periodically to encourage students to enhance their mathematical skills and talents.

Department of English and Other Foreign Languages

The Fourth Dimension, the English Association

  • The English Association exposes students to a world of knowledge other than that which is taught in regular curriculum. Guest lectures on employable skills and personality development; forums on teaching and learning process are periodically conducted by the Fourth Dimension.

Report of Tedx Event

Date: October 9, 2014

TEDxSRM Ramapuram is an independently organised TED event in SRM Institute of Science and Technology (formerly known as SRM University), Ramapuram. The licensee holder and organiser is Sai Venkatesh VS, the co-organiser is Mayank Saxena and the faculty in-charge is from the University is Mrs.S.Sylviya.TEDxSRMRamapuramLive was conducted on 9th of October, 2014. It was a live telecast from Brazil having the 4th and 5th sessions of talks with 12 speakers and entertaining performances from there.

List of Speakers (From TED Global 2014 Webcast):

1. Oren Yakobovic, Human-Rights activist
2. Severine Autesserre, Peace and conflict researcher
3. Severine Autesserre, Peace and conflict researcher
4. Charmian Gooch, Anti-corruption activist
5. Circle of sound, World Music Duo
6. Ameenah Gurib Fakim, Biodiversity scientist
7. Robert Muggah, Megacities expert
8. Joanna Wheeler, Social change advocate
9. Su Yunsheng, Urban planner
10. Haas and Hahn, Favela painters
11. Batalha do Passinho, Funk dancers
12. Grimanesa Amoros, Interdisciplinary artist

List of Performers from our University:

1. Ishwarya, Bharatanatyam Dancer
2. Supropik mukarjee, Singer
3. Rajesh, Guitarist
4. Prasant tony, drummer

TEDxSRMRamapuramLive had 75 attendees where they were not charged. The website of TEDxSRMRamapuram ( www.tedxsrmramapuram.in ) was hosted on the last week of September and there was an attendee registration form to be filled which had a questionnaire where the attendee had to fill and get selected in order to attend the event. 

TEDX SRM Ramapuram Team

Supropik mukarjee, Singer

Rajesh, Guitar

Ishwarya, Bharatanatyam Dancer

Prasant Tony, drummer



Report of TedX Event

Date: March 18, 2015

The second edition TEDxSRM Ramapuram happened on 18th March 2015.

Our first speaker ShilpaManari spoke on "Child Labor" and "How to Drive a Youth Movement ". A talk capable of greasing any youth individual to the two ideas. Shilpa holds certificates in Nutrition has been passionately volunteering for the renowned NGO 'Make A Difference', as a Director of Human Capital. What's more?!! She is an alumnus of our very own University.

Our second speaker, Mr. V. Narayanan is a retired Indian Police Services officer who spoke on "Counter Terrorism ", making sure no aspect of terrorism was escaping our minds.

Our third speaker Ms.Suhani Shah, an young illusionist spoke on  "Reality of Illusion", explaining, with practical demonstrations, how one can be able to trick those around them into believing that "magic" exists, but in reality magic exists onlyin the thoughts of people. She created a spellbound atmosphere.

Our fourth speaker Mr.AnkurThakuria is working for the Indian Foreign Ministry for climate change and is a former youth diplomat to the G20 Summit 2011 held at Cannes. He shared  his views about how children and students these days must be pushed more into free thinking and boundless imagination in order to achieve more in life.

In addition to this, we had a webcast of TED conference which was held in Canada titled "Truth and Dare"-Jason Padgett, a geometric artist, and Daniel Kish on Perpetual Navigation,Chris Urmsonon Robotics and Nathalie Cabrol, a Planetary Explorer.

Ms.ShilpaManari, Director of Human Capital,'MakeA Difference', Dean and Vice Principal (academic), Ramapuram Campus

Mr. V. Narayanan, retired Indian Police Services officer

Ms.Suhani Shah, a young illusionist

Mr.AnkurThakuria, working for Indian Foreign Ministry for climate change

Vice Principal (academic), Staff Co-ordinator,Student Co-ordinators andDean, Ramapuram Campus

TEDx SRM Ramapuram Team

TEDx SRM Ramapuram Team

Poster by Uthra, I year CSE ‘C’ section