About the department


Success in today's competitive world depends not only on acquiring knowledge but also on developing effective communication skills. The Department of English provides students with vital training to meet the demands of global communication and helps them develop proficiency in English.


Our vision is to produce future ready professionals with high proficiency and excellent communication skills in English.


  • To enhance the proficiency of the students in all four primary skills of English through computer aided teaching
  • To facilitate the students to shed fear and anxiety while using English
  • To adopt a learner-centered and task-based teaching methodology
  • To equip students with confidence to undergo placement training programs through round the year practice in small presentations, group discussions, debates and mock interviews
  • To enable the students to successfully face international demands by teaching French and Japanese
  • To refine the teaching-learning process by conducting Forums

Special features

English Communication Skills Laboratory

The English Communication Skills Laboratory was inaugurated on 16 Feb.'09. The laboratory the first of its kind in the University is installed with the objective to integrate computer technology with the language teaching. The imported language software installed creates appropriate learning environment to regional medium students & slow learners. The air-conditioned Seminar Hall of the laboratory equips the students with confidence to open up in English by providing practice in small presentations, group discussions, debates and mock interviews.

Teaching of other foreign languages

As globalization, mobility and communication bring the world closer than ever, many technology professionals find that the knowledge of foreign languages gives them a competitive advantage to excel in their chosen fields.

French: French as a global language is widely used in Europe and Canada. The course enhances career opportunities in multinational companies for engineering graduates.

Japanese: Engineering students benefit greatly in receiving instructions in the three Japanese scripts namely, Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji's. As more and more Japanese companies look into tapping the Indian market, knowledge of Japanese is a definite advantage for budding engineers.

The Fourth Dimension, the English Association

The English Association is inaugurated to expose the students to a world of knowledge other than that is taught in regular curriculum. Guest Lectures delivered by Senior HR on Selection Process in Corporate Companies and Isha Yoga Volunteer on Inner Engineering have been arranged to widen the intellectual excellence of the students. Forum on Students' Proficiency Enhancement in English paved platform to refine teaching-learning process.