Guest Lecture on Opportunities in oil and gas industry for Engineers

Start: 01-22-2020


On behalf of ELECTRUM club of ECE department a technical talk on "Opportunities in oil and gas industry for Engineers" by Mr.P.G.Nanda Kumar, Senior Field operations Manager, Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia, world's biggest oil reserve, was organized for the undergraduate students on 22nd January 2020 at 10.00AM. Nearly 200 students participated in the technical talk. The industrial expert started the talk by explaining how crude oil wells are formed from fossil fuels. He also listed the different oil wells that are present around the world. The expert clearly narrated how crude oil is procured and sent to refineries and gets converted into usable fuel. He threw light on different positions in which the students can take up after their degree program in the oil and gas industry. The session was very interesting and students gained more knowledge in the specific area.