B Schools Day out to Dakshina Chitra

Dakshina Chitra is a social entrepreneurship venture by Mrs. Deborah Thiagarajan. It is a center for the living traditions of art, folk performing arts, craft and architecture of India with an emphasis on the traditions of South India. In its eighteen years of existence, Dakshina Chitra has firmly established itself as a cultural stronghold in the city of Chennai and continues to run with its motto of conservation of art, craft, culture and architecture. 

SRM B School had organized a visit to Dakshina Chitra for the management students on  September 24, 2014. The visit enabled the students to evaluate the effectiveness of Dakshina Chitra in preserving and promoting Indian culture and to appreciate the efforts of Mrs. Deborah Thiagarajan as custodian of Indian culture.

The visit commenced with a video documentary presentation highlighting the history of Dakshina Chitra. Later, the students visited the various houses built and maintained depicting the culture and tradition of the four states of south India. The houses range from traditional Tamil Brahmin house to the typical Kerala Syrian Catholic Christian house. Traditional craft and textiles are exhibited throughout the center. Dakshina Chitra operates a fair trade craft shop with crafts purchased directly from artisans and Non Governmental Organisations.

The students spent their quality time in discovering and appreciating the architectural and cultural heritage of South India. On the whole, the trip was a perfect gateway to explore the south Indian culture and tradition. The trip was organized by Mr.N.Kumaran, B.Ashok Kumar and team of II MBA students as a part of their entrepreneurship project. Dr.S.Kesavan, HoD, SRM B School and Dr.S.Gayathry, Assistant Professor, SRM B School accompanied the students.