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Top Salary For Student

TOP SALARY FOR STUDENT: Sahil has been offered $ 89,000. He was sponsored to Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA, under semester abroad program (SAP)...

  I have received a job offer in San Francisco, USA. My starting compensation would be $89000.00 (~INR 42 lakhs) per annum with few additional benefits and perks. I'm yet to decide my date of joining, as this would be after I receive my B.Tech degree from SRM

In November, they flew me to California for an onsite interview. But before that, I was asked to select a few groups of my choice and my career interest - and was interviewed on that. I can now further my studies at Stanford.

During this whole term at MIT, I attended many interviews and was in touch with various companies. To meet and interview with CEO's and Directors' of various companies has been a great experience in itself. Just a year ago, I couldn't have imagined this happening to me (a normal SRM student). It would have been unthinkable that a company would fly and pay all expenses for hiring a fresher.

SRM's initiative of sending us to MIT has changed our lives and the way we think, perceive and react to situations. It has changed various other dimensions of our life too. I'm happy I had this opportunity and was able to get a job offer of my liking.

I'm happy to say "I got placed", just like every other SRM student who's got a job would say, but I am sure you can see the difference SAP has made in this placement.

SRM's support has been truly fundamental in making my dream come true. It has brought a phenomenal change to my life through SAP. I can't express how thankful I am to you for providing me
this opportunity.  

Sahil, Computer Science