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Camber Racing Team Emerged as Winners Yet Again

If you win once, you are winners. If you win twice, you are champions

Camber Racing, proved its mettle once again by winning the Supra SAE 2014 competition and becoming the National Champions for the second time in a row and winning three other awards. The event was held at the Madras Motorsports Race Track from July 17, 2014 to July  20, 2014.

The Supra SAE 2014 competition was a four day event which saw 80 colleges from various parts of the country participating on various engineering levels to win the title “National Champions”. Over 2500 students and faculty members had come with their cars to participate and become the best engineering team in the country. The competition was judged and sponsored by various multinational companies like Maruti Suzuki, Volkswagen, Ansys, Bosch, BPCL, Altair. The team had a very good learning experience by interacting with like minded students and experienced judges.

The sequence of events was as follows:

  • On 16 July 2014, the vehicle was unloaded at MMRT and the team was registered for the event.
  • On the second day, 17 July 2014, the car had to undergo a technical inspection. Our team was the second team to pass the technical inspection. This was followed by cost report and business presentation. After that our car was sent for the tilt test, which it cleared with no difficulties. With this we had achieved two stickers.
  • The third day, 18 July 2014, the team started with the brake test which was cleared in the second attempt. After that a design report was submitted. The team was the first team to have three stickers and be ready for the dynamic event.
  • On the fourth day, 19 July 2014, after the media session and driver briefing, the team successfully cleared the Acceleration, Skid-Pad and the Autocross event. On the final day- 20 July 2014, the team had an Endurance event, which the team cleared successfully.

The team and the car performed extremely well and brought laurels to SRM Institute of Science and Technology (formerly known as SRM University). The team won 4 awards:

  • First - Skid-Pad.
  • First - Fuel efficiency
  • Second - Endurance
  • First - Overall.