Nanotechnology Research Center

Inauguration of advanced characterization facilities and two days workshop


Nanotechnology Research Centre (NRC) inaugurated Advanced Characterization facilities for users on 13th August 2019 by Dr. M. Kamruddin, Associate Director, MMG, IGCAR, Kalpakkam and Dr. C. Muthamizhchelvan, Director, E&T, SRMIST.

The following facilities are inaugurated during this session

  • Thermal conductivity measurement system (Make/model: LFA 467 HT HyperFlash,
  • Seebeck measurement system (ZEM 3/ Advance Riko)
  • Probe Station Equipped with 4 micromanipulators; 77K-350K (PS100/Lakeshore)
  • Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer (SCS4200, Keithley)
  • UV-vis-NIR Spectrophotometer (Cary 5000/ Agilent)

We have also conducted a two day workshop on ‘Advanced Characterization of Materials and Devices’. The inaugural talk was give by Dr. M. Kamruddin and followed by a talk deliverd by Prof. Masaru Shimomura (Shizuoka University, Japan) on ‘Application of Scanning Tunneling Microscope: An overview’.

Eminent Professors and researchers like Prof. Arun M. Umarji (IISc Banglore), Dr. Sudakar Chandran ( IIT Madras), Dr. Shovit Bhattacharya (BARC, Mumbai), Prof. Hiroya Ikeda (Shizuoka University, Japan), Prof. Narayana Rao (UoH, Hyderabad), Dr. Aravind Kumar Chandran (IIT Madras), Prof. Yasuhiro Hayakawa (Shizuoka University, Japan) has delivered lecture on the topic.