SRM Instates its Home-Grown Talent to the Top Leadership Position of the University

Dr-Muthamizhchelvan-vcSRM Institute of Science and Technology, an internationally acclaimed and Category 1 private university headquartered in Chennai with multiple campuses across India has appointed Prof. Dr. C. Muthamizhchelvan as its 5th Vice Chancellor.

Dr. Muthamizhchelvan is a home-grown talent of SRM who has started his career as a lecturer in the department of physics and is a part of the institution over 35+ years. His experience and global exposure would set a new milestone for the university in the ever-changing education space. The Founder Chancellor on the occasion of welcoming the new Vice Chancellor, set a strong message to the internal community on his trust on fellow members and freedom to grow within and lead.

Dr. Muthamizhchelvan on assuming office as Vice Chancellor shared his thoughts as a first note. SRM IST is a unique breed of multi-stream university outgrown from challenges of the century through its agility, valor and culture. It has been a land of opportunities for the academic and innovation community turning to the brighter sides for more than a lakh of students and researchers.  The new age challenges require thorough understanding of global learning eco system and the strongly inherited strengths of the university to set new benchmark in the education space. I believe, our visionary leader, Founder/Chancellor has seeded this idea in me from my early days and has now handed over the mantle of Vice-Chancellor, SRM IST to me to lead this prestigious university towards making a strong impact.

As a home-grown talent of SRM my focus (I SEE) on this role will be to,

  • Intensify efforts and consistently improve processes in the changing paradigm of teaching and learning
  • Scale up the aspiration levels of the students and research community
  • Encourage the innovative and enterprising minds to achieve their career goals
  • Envision socially relevant and sustainable goals to achieve an impactful model for the goodness of mankind and every life on this planet