SRM and Taiwan collaborates for Smart Pandemic Prevention Technology


SRM Institute of Science and Technology (SRMIST), Kattankulathur in collaboration with National Chung Cheng University (CCU), Taiwan has come out with a Smart Pandemic Prevention Technology. The Taiwan-India Joint Collaboration Effort has been made on alleviating the effects of the ensuing global pandemic problem.

CCU and SRMIST have shared smart and advanced technologies resulting in the implementation and deployment of the Smart Pandemic Prevention System (SPPS) which includes smart face recognition, thermal body temperature monitoring, and real-time social contact analysis.

A presentation of the results of the “Taiwan-India Joint Collaboration in Smart Pandemic Prevention System” was held online, presided by Vice Chancellor (Interim) of SRMIST Dr. C. Muthamizchelvan and Pro-Vice Chancellor (Medical and Health Science) of SRMIST Lt. Col. Dr. A. Ravi Kumar along with Dr. Mu-Min Chen, Deputy Representative of TECC, Dr. C. T. Wang, Director of Science and Technology, TECC, Dr. Chadaram Sivaji, Director of International Bilateral Cooperation Division, DST, India.

The Taipei Economic and Cultural Center (TECC) and Taiwan Education Center (TEC) had invited the Taiwan-India Joint Research Center on Artificial Intelligence organized by the National Chung Cheng University (CCU) and IIT Ropar along with the SRMIST to jointly create a Smart Pandemic Prevention System (SPPS) which is currently deployed on the campuses of both CCU and SRMIST, with the possibility of extending it to hospitals and other hot-spot areas where pandemic prevention is of utmost importance.

The Taiwan-India Smart Pandemic Prevention System has four main features, including automatic body monitoring and recording, smart face recognition, along with face mask recognition, and social contact analysis. Not only did the students of CCU and SRMIST work together in the latest AI technology, but also actually the system on both campuses, benefiting the employees of both universities with safe entrance/exit control. Automatic body monitoring was achieved using a thermal camera, but the students and professors worked on making the software checking more accurate. This helped reduce the number of employees that were needed for checking body temperatures at each and every entrance/exit on campus.

Face recognition adapted the latest deep neural network model such as MTCNN and MobileFacenet, with optimizations for Indian faces. Face tracking was achieved using the SORT algorithm. An edge-based version was also developed on the Nvidia Jetson Nano board.

Given the data from the body monitoring and face recognition, social contact analysis was performed for site-specific, as well as, person-specific. Most systems deployed worldwide require mobile phone data for tracking. Our system did not require such data and effectively analyzed the social contacts in specifically monitored areas. The above-described three features of the smart pandemic prevention system helped not only the people on the two campuses, but also helped corroborate the relations between Taiwan and India. 

SRM hosted India’s first Defence Service Hackathon for students

SRM Institute of Science and Technology (SRMIST), Kattankulathur hosted a Defence Services Hackathon, the first-of-its-kind in the country. It was hosted by SRM Innovation and Incubation Center, SRMIST. The aim of this hackathon was to involve students and researchers in developing solutions for real time problems faced by our armed forces.

A total of 54 teams involving 200 students, researchers and faculty members, participated in the Defence Hackathon. 12 problem statements ranging from use of AI/ML for Inventory management, Surveillance, Anti-infiltration obstacle systems, to novel firefighting systems in high altitude, Land slide arrester and tracked snow removers were selected and worked upon putting across their ideas/solutions. The teams were supported by more than 15 mentors with a range of expertise.



Team ID

Problem Statement

Team Members



Fire Fighting System in High Altitude Area

Yash Sameer Sunkle, Abhinav Vishwakarma, Aman Arora



Need for Application Security

Sornalakshmi K , Shalin N, Ashwin Raja S, Shamunesh P , Jerome Samraj M



Team ID

Problem Statement

Team Members



Tracked Snow Remover

Vedant Anand, Tanishq Das, Karun Ashok Kumar, Debjani Guha Biswas



AI Monitor for Surveillance

Aryan Kargwal, Indira Dutta, Kunal Mundada, Srijarko Roy


Team ID

Problem Statement

Team Members



Flight Procedure Trainer using Virtual Reality (VR).

Pratik G K


Jury also awarded a special prize to Mr GK Prateek, 7th grade student from the KRM Public School. Chennai for his solution.  The 10 top teams will have an opportunity to join SIIC, as incubatees, for developing prototypes and support also would be extended for developing their own startups. 

Dr. T. K. Varadarajan, Nodal Officer, DGQA Facilitation Cell, Tamil Nadu Defence Corridor, provided support and guidance throughout the initiation, planning and execution of the robust hackathon. He highlighted the efforts of two SRMIST alumni startups Big Bang Boom Solutions and Torus Robotics who are working together with DRDO and IDEX for providing solutions.

The valedictory was graced by Vice Admiral G Ashok Kumar AVSM, VSM; Vice Chief of Naval Staff. He said, “Students and researchers should apply latest technology to solve challenges faced by the Armed forces, especially the Navy.”

He reminded the audience that all branches of the armed forces are now technologically highly intensive and depend heavily on technology and the impact of winning future wars is dependent on the strategic use of latest technology.

The event was presided over by Vice Chancellor (Interim) Dr. C. Muthamizhchelvan. He announced that SRMIST would soon come up with the next hackathon identifying researchers who could provide ideas/solutions to real time problems faced by the naval staff. Dr Ananth Kumar, President of the Institute Innovation Council SRMIST delivered the vote of thanks.


SRM receives Local Chapter Star recognition from NPTEL


SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Kattankulathur has received a "Certificate of Recognition" from NPTEL  (National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning) "Local Chapter Star" for the Semester January -December 2020, LC Star criteria: "Is one of the top 100 Local Chapters in the last eight consecutive semesters".

NPTEL is a platform that provides E-learning through online web, video courses, and various other streams. The selection criteria for LC STAR is to be top 100 local chapters in the last eight consecutive semesters and SRMIST has been at its top performance right from the academic year 2016-2017. 

SRMIST has also received a Local Chapter rating of "AAA" based on the NPTEL online certification courses on January - December 2020. This is recognized by SWAYAM-NPTEL and the rating of "AAA" is based on performance in NPTEL Online certification courses Jan - Dec 2020. "AAA" is considered to be top 10 whereas "AA" and "A" represent the top 40 and 50 respectively. SWAYAM is a program initiated by the Government of India and designed to achieve the three cardinal principles of our education policy which are Access, Equity, and Quality. 

webinar on 'Road Safety' held at SRMIST

As part of the National Safety Week 2021, a webinar on Road Safety was organized by SRM School of Public Health (SPH). This initiative was held under the Institute's University Wellness Program (UWP).

Road safety is an important concern that needs to be discussed and more awareness needs to be created on this issue, especially among college students. This event was organized by Dr. K.S. Vignesh, Assistant Professor at SPH. Special guests for the event included Director (Student Affairs) Dr. Mythili, Associate Professor from Civil Dept Dr. Padma Rekha, and Sub Insp. of Police (Traffic), Guduvanchery Shri Lokesh Gandhi.

Each of these speakers highlighted the importance of being aware of the reality and dangers of not taking road safety seriously. Every action we take during driving has a consequence.As part of the 50th National Safety Week, The faculty and students of SPH took part in  

AGAM 4.0


A Heuristic Game for Agile Mortals (AGAM) is a management fest focusing on learning management concepts through gamification (activities). This event began as a concept of bringing in corporates and making them play with students on management games to teach students on how an experienced person takes up an activity and further it changed into the corporates being mentors for student participants. In the latest edition AGAM 3.0, the executive team themselves designed games on management concepts and copyrighted it, and they executed it in the 3rd edition.

In this 4th edition, we are bringing in a management game designer, an entrepreneur and a mentor Mr. Ramani Venkat to execute his games to educate how practically a concept can be learnt with ease.

The event was conducted both on physical and virtual mode on 12th of March, 2021 between 11am to 2 pm at MBA Seminar Hall (Prof. Peter Drucker Hall, College of Management Block). The special guest for the event were Mr. Ramani Venkat, Founder at M/s.BIZZ Diagnostic and Mentor to M/s.Cool Guru LLP, who was accompanied by internal dignitaries Dr. V. M. Ponniah (Dean College of Management) and Dr. V. M. Shenbagaraman (Head of Executive Program, College of Management).

The Convener of this event was Dr. K.Santhanalakshmi (Associate Professor), Co-Convener was Dr. K. D. Balaji (Assistant Professor) and core team members are Dr. R. Arivazhagan (Associate Professor), Ananth Selvakumar (Research Scholar& Student Convener), Sudarshan and Jaswanth (2nd Year, MBA). The total number of registrations for the event was 85, out of which 73 were in online through google meet while rest 12 made their presence physically. Even though the game session was for only an hour and thirty minutes, the chief guest Mr. Ramani Venkat took it in a way where the participants were involved in very enthusiastic manner.

Mr. Ramani Venkat has designed various games with respect to each department in MBA but due to time constraint he was able to execute only one game and he choose to play finance game. The game was involving 4 teams with 3 members in each team and each team were given a factory, 2 raw materials and 14 lakhs of dummy cash and the game was that they manage the resource and buy more men and materials, finally convert to product and sell to earn profit. This game also had secret bidding for raw material purchase where highest bidder gets first chance to purchase while in selling lowest cost gets sold first. This game took place for 1 hour of time duration and Mr. Ramani took it through in a fun way with suggestions and some training too was involved. The students’ feedback was even though they were of different specialization like HR or marketing only few matched with finance but they learned a lot of new things and they felt more knowledge gaining out the one-hour session.


ICI AWARDS 2020 – ULTRATECH Concrete Day and Construction Excellence Awards


ICI Outstanding Student Chapter Award

The institute is in a state of grandiose and dignified for having received the most prestigious award of ICI Outstanding Student Chapter award in a line this year 2020-2021 too. This award would not have been achievable without the tiresome efforts of the passionate faculties and the assertive students of the Department of Civil Engineering. They organized several technical and non-technical events in association with the ICI. Totally organized 20 technical guest lectures and 13 national level interactive workshops, attracted a colossal quantum of audience. To boost the student's practical exposure, we had routed 4 local visits and 2 outstation site visits for the benefit of our students. To add on to this exploding package, we host the National level ICI Civil fest titled "CONCRETUS 20", which drew royal recognition by attracting students from different institutes.
Also, 19 competitions for the students were organized by the department in association with different technical bodies. Regardless of the adverseness of the COVID-19 pandemic curtailing them, they made this happen again.

Outstanding Concrete Teacher Award - 2020

The Outstanding Concrete Teacher Award – 2020 presented to Dr. K. Gunasekaran, Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, SRM Institute of Science and Technology. He was awarded Ph.D. in 2011 for the work done on a special lightweight concrete developed using coconut shell as coarse aggregate. He also developed coconut shell crusher; Published 4 patents and 52 publications in the reputed journals; wrote 3 textbooks related to concrete technology and its applications. Guided 4 Ph.D. and presently guiding 7 Research Scholars in the field “Concrete Technology”. Produced many lightweight concrete products such as: Hollow blocks, Solid blocks, Paver blocks, Tiles, Manhole cover slabs, Pipes, Fencing Posts, Slabs, Doors, Water tanks, Roof panel, and Dust bin. He has many professional memberships and received many awards for his contribution on “Concrete Technology”.

Outstanding Master’s Thesis in the Field of Concrete

The ICI Chennai chapter - UltraTech Awarded to SRMIST to bagged the third runner up for two Master’s thesis:

  1. For the thesis done by Mr. G. PREM KUMAR, M.Tech student on  “Experimental Study on Thermal Insulation Building Using Rat Trap Bond with Blended Cement Mortars” under the guidance of Dr. L. KRISHNARAJ, Assistant Professor / Civil.

This thesis addresses a very relevant problem on thermal insulation, Fly ash grade F is pulverized into ultra-fine particles and replaced partially with cement and used in the mortar samples. Then the mortar samples are used in the masonry walls as a bonding agent and its tested for thermal insulation property. The results show the effective performance of rat trap bond when compared to the conventional brick bond. 

  1. For the thesis done by Mr. R. NIRANJAN, M.Tech student on  “Experimental Study of Retarding Mechanism and Influence of Zinc Sulphate in Fly Ash Concrete Composites” under the guidance of Dr. L. KRISHNARAJ, Assistant Professor / Civil.

This thesis makes several significant contributions in green concrete, Fly ash grade F is pulverized into ultra-fine particles and replaced in varying percentages with cement and used in the concrete samples. Zinc sulphate salt is used as a retarding agent in the concrete and its percentage of adding into the concrete is optimised. Its mechanical properties and characterization studies were made, and its performances are better than the conventional concrete specimens.


inauguration of the College Academic and Residential Buildings at SRM College of Agricultural Sciences


At the inauguration of the College Academic and Residential Buildings at SRM College of Agricultural Sciences located at Vendhar Nagar, Baburayanpettai, Maduranthagam Taluk, Chengalpattu District, the Founder Chancellor of SRM Institute of Science and Technology (SRMIST) and Member of Parliament, Dr. T.R. Paarivendhar said "Time has always shown us the way forward and that is how SRM College of Agricultural Sciences, the newest school to the SRMIST, came into being."

SRM College of Agricultural Sciences is located in a sprawling 180 acres with several facilities such as hostels, lab equipment, and so on.  The inauguration was presided over by SRMIST’s Interim Vice Chancellor Dr. C. Muthamizhchelvan, Interim Registrar Dr. S. Ponnusamy, Dean of SRM College of Agricultural Sciences Dr. M. Chinnadurai and Associate Director (Campus Life) Dr. V. Thirumurugan.

Emphasizing the importance of the college, Dr. T.R. Paarivendhar said that the presence of the agricultural college in Vendhar Nagar will help in the overall development of agriculture in the villages surrounding it.

“Students will learn new technologies and conduct research to help in the betterment of our nation-building. This, in turn, will aid in the monetary development of farmers." He also emphasized that students graduating from SRM College of Agricultural Sciences should go out and train our farmers on the latest technology and developments to improve agriculture and their own livelihood.

In his address, Dr. C. Muthamizhchelvan said, “People of neighboring villages should know what is happening in the college and students should be aware of the needs and requirements of the farmers. This way we can help each other grow mutually.”

Urging agriculture students to take up research he said, “Never repeat what is already done but initiate and innovate new things.”

Dr. T.R.Paarivendhar distributed saplings to villagers. A few villagers, who were part of the inauguration, also shared their expectations and opinions during the occasion. 

SRM shuttler wins gold in 2021 Uganda International


Indian shuttler Malvika Bansod has added another feather to SRM Institute of Science and Technology (SRMIST), Kattankulathur by winning the Badminton women's singles titles at the 2021 Uganda International in Kampala. Second seed Malvika notched up a come-from-behind 17-21 25-23 21-10 victory over compatriot Anupama Upadhyaya in the women singles summit clash.

A first-year B.Tech (CSE) student at SRMIST, her victory has brought laurels to her institution. Speaking about her success, Malvika said, "I am glad to receive cooperation from all the departments and staff of SRMIST. I am a TOPS athlete, training for 2024 Olympics and not be able to attend regular college."

Her journey to this success has been a long one. "I started playing when I was nine years old. I took up this sport to improve my fitness, as Badminton is a very physically demanding game. Now I have a deep passion to make a name for myself in this sport."
She has been training under coach Sanjay Mishra, who is the current Cheif Junior National Coach of India.

"He plans my training sessions and I work accordingly. I train at the Police Parade Ground Badminton Academy, Raipur."

Malvika Bansod has been the recipient of several awards. She received the award from Sarathi Foundation,  Yuva Nag Bhushan Award, Lokmat Sakhi Award awarded by Maharashtra Government for winning the Gold medal at the 2018 Khelo India school games, and SJAN Best player Award (Sports Journalists Association Nagpur).


SRM signs MoU for Ayurveda research


Memorandum of Understanding(MoU) was signed betweenSRM Institute of Science & Technology, KattankulathurandKP Manish Global Ingredients Private Limited, Chennai recently. The purpose of this MoU is todevelop Herbal Extracts and Herbal/Ayurvedic formulations and to perform pre-clinical and clinical studies. The MoU aims to carry out research and development activities in the field of Medicinal Plants along with carrying out basic research in Pharmaceutical Chemistry/API. Developing innovative ingredients in the field of nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals is another objective.

The following activities will be carried out between KPM and the Interdisciplinary Institute of Indian System of Medicine (IIISM), Directorate of Research and College of Agricultural Science of SRMIST - Herbal Extract & Formulations, Agriculture – Medicinal Plants, Pharmaceutical API, Joint Research Projects, Joint Research Publication, Exchange of Knowledge and Sharing of Facilities.

The parties agree to share their respective important R&D facilities in order to promote academic and research interaction according to the rules and regulations of each party. SRMIST will upgrade the faculties where and when required for the project.

SRMIST is carrying out academic activities such as teaching and training students at the under graduate and post graduate levels as well as carrying out research leading to M.Tech. and Ph.D. degrees, besides undertaking industrial consultancy and sponsored research and has highly qualified teaching faculty and well equipped infrastructure such as land, building, computer, canteen, library, laboratories, workshops, etc. KP Manish is into Pharma, Nutra and cosmetics ingredients distribution. KawmanPharma is into manufacturing of Pharmaceutical API and SattvaVaid Nature’s is into development of herbal extracts and formulations.

Present for the MoU signing were KP Manish Global Ingredients Private Limited’s Mr. Jeevan Ganesh, Dr. K. K. Vijayakumar, Mr. ShrenickModi, Mr.Vishal Jain, Mr. Deepak Jain, Dr. V. K. Gupta and Chairman of K. P. Manish Global Ingredents Mr. Parasmal Jain. From SRMIST were Vice Chancellori/c Dr. C. Muthamizhchelvan, Registrar i/cDr. S. Ponnusamy, Director (Research) Prof K. Ramasamy, Dean (Research) Prof. B. Neppolian and Coordinator -IIISMDr. R. C. Satish Kumar.

SRM conducts workshop on Entrepreneurship for self-help groups

SRM conducts workshop on Entrepreneurship for self-help groups

SRM Institute of Science and Technology (SRMIST), Kattankulathur and Pudhiya Thalaimurai Foundation together with ISRB EXPOTM Indian Small and Rural Business Exposition conducted “Entrepreneurship Orientation Programme on Areca plates and spirulina production and marketing” at Government Middle School Campus, Orathur village. Under the Unnat Bharat Abhiyan, SRMIST has adopted eight villages (Orathur, Kolathur, Chettipunyam, Nattarasanpattu, Thenmelpakkam, Patravakkam, Anjur, and Kalivandhapattu.) from Chengalpattu and Kanchipuram district. The institute constantly works on improving rural livelihood and economic self-sustainability through the creation of employment opportunities, health and hygiene, education, energy, clean water and sanitation. Over 100 peoples from eight villages including ladies, self-help group members and youths participated in this event.

The welcome address was given by Dr. V. Thirumurugan, Associate Director (Campus Life), UBA – Nodal officer at SRMIST. He encouraged participants to seek advice from the expert speakers for starting their own venture.

Resource persons Mr.Pavendhan (Managing Director, Evergreen Industries, Chennai), Mr.Rajarathnasingam (Project Coordinator, Integrated farm and Spirulina production), Mr.Vijayagopal (Pudhiya Thalaimurai Foundation) were felicitated by Dr. Deepa (Associate Professor, SRMIST & Village coordinator, Orathur), Dr. B. Samuel Jacob (Assistant Professor, SRMIST, Village coordinator, Nattarsanpattu) and Mr.S. Sridhar (Health Inspector, SRMIST) respectively.

The sessions were very informative and the speakers addressed the gathering about the opportunities. In areca plate manufacturing, Mr. Pavendhan gave the information on raw materials procurement, vendors, manufacturing process, machinery cost, financial route for establishing the unit and marketing (export). Some of the participants are encouraged to visit their manufacturing facility and get trained for making different utensils.

Mr. Rathinarajasingam gave the importance of spirulina towards health and the environment. He explained the process of production through a virtual tour of their facility which is an integrated farm. Different products such as cosmetics, bath soaps, health drinks and food items prepared from Spirulina were exhibited and the participants were enthusiastic to note the employment opportunities through this technology.

The meeting was interactive throughout and concluded with a vote of thanks by Mr.Vijayagopal (Pudhiya Thalaimurai Foundation) where he acknowledged the SRMIST and the PT foundation for organizing the event smoothly and intended to organize such events in forthcoming days in other villages too.


Dr. Paarivendhar Foundation Lecture Series - 5

Over 600 MBA, BBA students and their faculties from the School of Management at SRM Institute of Science and Technology (SRMIST), Kattankulathur participated in the fifth edition of Dr. Paarivendhar Foundation Lecture Series that was held virtually.

The chief guest for the event was Mr. P. N. Vasudevan, Managing Director & CEO of Equitas Small Finance Bank Limited who enlightened students on 'Entrepreneurship with a social face'.

In his welcome address, Vice Chancellor i/c of SRMIST, Dr. C. Muthamizhchelvan said, "These lectures pave the way for debating and deep thinking. Conceptualized by our Founder Chancellor, Dr. T. R. Paarivendhar, who believes that such lectures are organised so that the greater knowledge is shared with the general audience."

"Everyone has the right to dream when it comes to business. To be successful you don't need great or unique ideas. You can copy but do it in an efficient and different manner," said P. N Vasudevan.

Addressing SRMIST students he said, "A few years back, only people born from industrial or business houses could think about starting a business because they had the financial situation to do so. But now this is not the situation as we have several environmental and financial support to back business and start-ups."

He urged students to have a dream that will have some contribution towards the society. "There are two components to business - entrepreneurship and social. Desire, dream, and value to make your business a success. First, have a clarity of purpose, honesty of intention and integrity of action to be successful."

He elaborated on the key features to become a success entrepreneur which is - passionate about the idea, ruthless on execution, ability to stretch capital, hunger for excellence and impatient on delivery.

On the social phase of entrepreneurship, he elaborated on the concept of social entrepreneurs (which is not new to India). “Many businesses have Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities. Our government is also emphasizing on companies spending about 2% of their annual profit towards CSR programs.”

On taking up entrepreneurship as first-time employment he elaborated, "Getting into employment after your graduation does not mean it’s a bad thing. However, trying your hand in business is also hard, tricky and has its own risk. But opportunity raises itself in this society."

On being socially responsible entrepreneurs he said, "All of you are going to make money in life at some point or other. As you step-up in your career, it is important to think about people who are not lucky as we are."

In his concluding statement, he said, “There is no shame in making money. However, you need to keep looking at what you can do in your society."

Also present on the occasion were SRMIST's Dean (School of Management) Dr. V M Ponniah, Advisor to Chancellor Dr. B Raghavan, Deputy Dean (S&H) Dr. Sridhar Krishnaswamy, Faculty of SOM Dr. Nisha Ashokan, Dr. M.G. Bhaskar, faculties, and students.



International Women's Day 2021

SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Kattankulathur organised a special event to celebrate International Women’s Day at the institute’s premises. Women faculties, students and non-teaching staff participated in a series of events, that we organised during the week. The invocation song was rendered by Dr.Krithika from SRM Kattankulathur Dental College and Hospital. This was followed by traditional dance.

A video comprising of different clips of songs, dances, and artworks by women and girls from different parts of India was screened for the audience. This was followed by a motivational video, portraying women’s endeavors to cope with hardships in life.

Director of Students Affairs, Dr. Mythili gave the welcome address. In this presidential address, Registrar i/c of SRMIST, Dr.S.Ponnusamy urged women to support each other.

In his address, Ms.G.Rajalakshmi, Commissioner, Municipal Office, Chengalpattu said, “It is important for women to balance work and personal life.” Sighting examples from her life, she explained how women should never take stress home and women should first support themselves before they can help others.   

Prizes distribution for winners of cooking, poetry, among others was held towards the end of the event. The vote of thanks was proposed by the presiding officer, Internal Committee, Dr. E. Poovammal.