Special Audience Programs


Subjects covered in these programmes are based on the health campaigns on immunization, Polio, blood Thalesimia eye donation are publicised widely in these programmes. Regular programmes are mounted against Drug abuse, tobacco consumption, illicit trafficking,  AIDS etc.  and to create awareness about the Rehabilitation and facilities being provided to leprosy-affected persons/ families.

Children Programmes:

  • Protection of Rights of children
  • Care and Support for Disabled Children and child labour, children under difficult circumstances.
  • Equal status of girls.
  • Universal access to basic education to children and more attention to girls education.
  • Providing safe and supportive environment for children
  • Improvement in the economic condition of family and self-reliant society.
  • National and International cooperation for better future of the child.
  • Safe drinking water facility and sanitary means of excreta disposal.

Women Programmes: Problems Confronting Women

  • Atrocities on women,
  • Trafficking of women
  • Female foeticide and infanticide
  • Obscene portrayal of  women
  • Security for women
  • Maternity benefits, creche etc. for working women
  • Equal wage for equal work
  • Ban child labour