About Muthucharam

Muthucharam Community Radio, operating at the frequency of 90.4 Mhz, has been established inside the SRM University campus to serve the source of the people in the coverage area. The programs focus on education, health, environment, agriculture, rural and community development. Today, this has become the pulse of the community, which serves to create an informed, educated and a confident community. The format, presentation, language and subject will reflect and project the local flavour and fragrance. The members of the community, who frequently take part in the production of shows, fulfill the objective of improving lives and thoughts of target audience and provide to their specific interests and demands.



Muthucharam Community Radio operates at the frequency of 90.4 MHz, loud and clear to all the users in the coverage area

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Muthucharam Community Radio broadcasts a plethora of programs, including Nalamai Vazhvom, Therindhu Kolvom, Aayakalaigal and a lot more.

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What do we envision?

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What are we working towards?

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Programmes of Muthucharam

Nalammai Vaazhvom

Health and Nutrition programme.This programme is about health and hygiene by a specialized doctor's interview in order to guide the people to lead a healthy life.

Therindhu Kolvom

Informative programme. This programme updates the community about the Institutions like Traffic Rules and Safety Measures, Weather and Consumer Forum.


It helps the community to raise their queries regarding the needs of the community to which the panchayat president will provide answers and remedies simultaneously.


This programme is about art and literature which covers the interviews of artistic experts such as singers, dancers, writers, sculptures and artists, etc.

Objectives of Muthucharam

Muthucharam CR has a main motive in uplifting the state of a community, almost in all dimensions of their everyday lives.

  • To widen the awareness range of the community about employment and educational career opportunities. To improve the community, certainly we need to spare our high focus on women and their contribution to the society. Hence, to empower women, programmes on health environment and self employment are being produced in frequent slots. Muthucharam CR persuades the community to enhance their potential in multiple aspects, for being socially active by its strong objectives.
  • Muthucharam CR expands its space in enriching the occupational and the live setup of the community by presenting desired genres like radio dramas, songs on social themes, interviews, debates on crucial issues and group discussions which involve the community and the concerned field experts together.

Broadcast Timing Of Muthucharam CR

In a Week : Monday-Sunday

Timing : 8.00 AM to 8.00 PM

Sunday has a repeat broadcast of programmes that has been scheduled and broadcasted till Saturday.


  • Muthucharam community Radio.
  • Room No.608- A, HI- Tech Block,
  • SRM Institute of Science & Technology,
  • Kattankulathur -603 203.
  • Chengalpattu – Dist., Tamil Nadu
  • Phone No: 9486257028
  • Website : www.srmist.edu.in
  • E-mail id : cr.muthucharam@gmail.com