Sl no Name of the Student Register Number Guide Name Topic
1. Maneesha Abraham Ra1932352010001 Dr. K. Vaithianathan Performance Of Badminton Players In Relation To Selected Psychological Variables
2. Ajila V L RA1932352010002 Dr. K. Vaithianathan Performance of Football players in relation to selected psychological variables
3. Abdul Ahad P RA1932352010003 Dr.M.Senthil Kumar Study On Coach Leadership Behaviour And Team Cohesion Among University Level Women Volleyball Teams In Kerala
4. Soory Ajith K V RA1932352010004 Dr.M.Senthil Kumar Analysis of selected psychological parameters among women table tennis players in Kerala
5. Jithin Das T K RA1932352010005 Dr. Y C Louis Raj Analysis of Selected Psychological Parameters Among National Level Rugby Players in Kerala
6. K.Vignesh RA1932352010007 Dr.R.Mohanakrishnan Effect of kettle bell training on physical fitness an physiology variables among college men Kabaddi players
7. N.Theyagarajan RA1932352010008 Dr. NC Jesus RajKumar Effects of Sand Training on Selected Motor Fitness Variables Among Football Players
8. Sneha Balan RA1932352010009 Dr. NC Jesus RajKumar Analysis of Selected Psychological Variables of Female Dancers And Athletes
9. Sherine Varghese RA1932352010010 Dr. Y C Louis Raj Analysis Of Selected Physical Fitness Variables And Psychological Variables Among Intercollegiate Level Men Boxers in Kerala
10. Ijjas P RA1932352010011 Dr. S. Jaysingh Albert Chandrasekar comparative analysis of selected psychological variables among south zone inter university hockey men defenders and Attackers
11. Sameer T RA 1932352010012 Dr. S. Jaysingh Albert Chandrasekar An Analysis of Selected Psychological Variable's Among Women Football Players at Different Playing Position of University Players
12. A.Venkatesan RA1932352010013 Dr Dr D.J.Asath Ali khan Effects of specific training on Playing ability Among the Cricket Players
13. NIBIN BABU RA1932352010014 Dr Dr D.J.Asath Ali khan Quantification of Physical And Physiological Aspects of Acclimation To Altitude and Related Changes on Physical Education Training Colleges In Kerala
14. Prasoon Thottathil RA1932352010015 Dr.R Mohanakrishnan An analysis of selected physical fitness variables of university level women football players
15. Sangitha. M Ra1932352010016 Dr. C Jubilet Gnanachellam Effect Of 7-Step Model Speed Training On Achievement Motivation, Emotional Intelligence And Performance Among Women Athletes
16. Aparna Joy RA1932352010017 Dr. C Jubilet Gnanachellam Comparative Study of Selected Psychological Variables Between Hockey And Football Collegiate Men Players
17. Kiran.v RA 1932352010018 Dr.C.Suresh Effect of ladder training on selected motor abilities for male students in college level.