Most Number of Rubik's Cubes Solved One Handed in 24 Hrs - A Guinness World Record


P K Arumugam (RA1711017010004), a third year EIE student had his record breaking in "MOST NUMBER OF RUBIK'S CUBES SOLVED ONE HANDED IN 24 HRS" on Oct 12th-13th, 2019 in Chennai city center mall. He beat the old record of 2176 by 639 cubes, resulting in a total of 2815 cubes.

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His Previous Achievement  was "most number of cubes solved while riding a bicycle." He managed to solve 1010 cubes in a span of precisely six hours, four minutes and seven seconds. This was during the summer of 2017, during the fourth of June.

In June, 2019 , he participated in a group GWR attempt for attempting a tiger mosaic. 


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