About Optometry and Optometrist

Optometry is a health care profession dealing with vision, ocular health, and visual information processing in humans. Optometry is a dynamic and challenging profession that provides unlimited career opportunities. A career in optometry offers a good income, tremendous potential for growth, job security, and a good work environment.

An optometrist is an independent primary eye care professional who performs comprehensive eye examination, diagnosis and management of disorders of the visual/ocular system. The types of treatment offered by optometrists are: prescribing glasses, contact lenses and low vision aids, binocular vision therapy/ treatment, and rehabilitation of the visually impaired. 

Scope of Optometry

  • Optometrists can work as consultants in eye hospitals, opticals, occupational/industrial safety programs, manufacturers of ophthalmic products and also as educators, research optometrists
  • Optometrists can set up their own private practice and work independently
  • Optometrists can also choose a career in public health sector, sports vision, and government service or community health centers
  • Optometrists can specialize in Public health, low vision, contact lens, binocular vision, ocular prosthesis, neuro-optometry, sports vision, occupational optometry
  • Optometrists can involve in research and specialize as vision scientists
  • Higher education like M.S, M. Optom, O.D. (Doctor of Optometry), Ph. D can be pursued in India and overseas after completion of Bachelors degree
  • The starting monthly income of an optometrist ranges from Rs.20,000 - Rs.40,000

Optometry at SRM

2011 marks the commencement of Optometry at SRM. Within a small span of time the demand for the course has made a huge leap as the SRM B. Optom curriculum offers a b foundation towards a high-quality optometry practice. First year to third year of B. Optom course offers a dynamic program which incorporates interactive classroom sessions, webinars, project works and rich clinical exposure. During the third year of the course, the students get involved in research work and are given a platform to present their work at various conferences/congress. In the final year, optometry at SRM offers a unique internship programme where the interns get exposure at various specialties which include eye hospitals, optical chain outlets, private optometry clinics & field works. At the end of internship, the students are given job opportunities through Campus recruitments. The department has faculty members who are exemplary in academics and research. The students and faculties have won laurels in both academics and cultural.

Course Highlights

  • Congenial atmosphere with well qualified & dedicated faculty members
  • Dynamic curriculum and exciting research work
  • Infrastructure - Library, optics laboratory, demonstration rooms and lecture halls
  • "Fully - equipped Optometry Clinic" including Contact Lens, Binocular Vision and Low Vision clinics for the students to have practical training
  • IACLE Resource Centre
  • Job Placements
  • Hostels with premium facilities, ATM's, bookstores, dining options, cafeterias, prayer halls, gym and more